macOS Setup Instructions

macOS setup instructions

This document contains various tips and procedures for configuring your UBC provided Mac.  This potentially applies when you receive a new Mac or a loaner Mac from UBC Okanagan IT Services.  Please note that although this document is publicly visible, it's not intended to provide advise to the general public and the information below is intended for UBC staff and faculty to adjust settings on their UBC provided equipment.

Most of the items below are optional and may not apply to your particular situation.  They're setup so that you jump between this index and individual items or you can start with the first one and work your way through them one by one by clicking the Next button to go through them in order.


  Change Your Mac Password

  Change Scrolling Direction

  Turn on Scroll Bar

  Add Icons to Finder Toolbar (like Delete)

  Setup Multiple Monitors

  Setup Sound (if sound isn't working)

  Set Outlook as the Default Mail App

  Setup Outlook

  Setup Screen Recording in browser (for Kaltura)

  Licensing Adobe Software (when needed)

  Installing Adobe Software

  Adobe Software Troubleshooting

  Installing the Zoom Client

  People Server FileZilla Setup

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