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How can I find the status of a Xerox printer repair?
Viewed 5797 times since Mon, Mar 12, 2018
If a support call to Xerox has been made you can check the status of the repair by going to this link: Put in the serial number of the printer (located on front) and the postal code of the University V1V 1V7.   This will show... Read More
How do I check what my Copy/Long Distance PIN is?
Viewed 4197 times since Fri, Mar 4, 2016
The following article describes how to locate your current PINs information, including your current Copy PIN used for photocopying and/or your Long Distance PIN for making long distance calls.  Instructions: 1. Login to the IT Services Helpdesk... Read More
How do I get my print job to staple on a Xerox multifunction device from OSX?
Viewed 21965 times since Fri, Oct 31, 2014
Follow these instructions to get your print job to staple when printing from OSX to a Xerox multifunction device. Requirements: These instructions apply to OSX systems printing to any campus Xerox multifunction device. Instructions: From the ... Read More
How Do I Install Accuro for the DRC?
Viewed 7713 times since Thu, Oct 29, 2015
How Do I Install Accuro for the DRC? Go to \\\sirvol\itservices\installs\pc\accuro\DRC Installs\ Instructions: Install the Accuro software bundle. Copy medproperties to the base of the install... Read More
How do I know if I am running Windows XP or Windows 7?
Viewed 7223 times since Tue, Apr 22, 2014
This article describes how to determine whether your computer is running Windows XP or Windows 7. If you look in the lower left hand corner of your screen and you see this image: or this image: Then you are running Windows XP. Please submit a... Read More
How do I know what Mac O/S I am running?
Viewed 6691 times since Wed, Oct 29, 2014
This article describes how to determine what MAC operating system your computer is running.  Instructions: 1. On the desktop locate the apple icon in the top left corner of your screen. 2. Click on the Apple. In the drop down menu choose '... Read More
How do I obtain access to the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP) software?
Viewed 27202 times since Mon, Jun 8, 2015
  General Information  This article will explain eligibility and how to obtain UBC Home Use Program (HUP) Microsoft Office 365 software. This software is provide at a 30% discount.   Eligibility   All active employees with a valid email... Read More
How do I save my printer options for quick recall on OSX?
Viewed 4118 times since Fri, Oct 31, 2014
Setting up certain printer options, such as stapling, hole punching, or double-sided printing, can be a convoluted task that is time consuming to repeat if you use those options regularly.  If there are particular settings that you like to use... Read More
How much space do I have left on my Hard-Drive? (MAC)
Viewed 8314 times since Mon, Dec 15, 2014
Are you wondering how much space you have remaining on your Hard-Disk? Wondering why you are getting pop-ups to free-up space? Curious as to the overall size of your drive? Follow the instructions below to see how much disk space you have, as well as... Read More
How to Report a Stolen or Lost Computer Equipment
Viewed 5598 times since Thu, Jun 21, 2018
Follow these instructions to report a lost or stolen UBC asset piece of computer equipment. Requirements: How do I handle a report of stolen/missing computer equipment? Stolen equipment must be reported to RCMP first.  A police file... Read More
How to tell how many (and how much) RAM a Windows box has without opening it up
Viewed 7957 times since Thu, Jun 4, 2015
If you would like to know how much ram your (or someone else's) machine has, you can run this command from a command prompt and it will tell you exactly how many DIMM slots your machine has, as well as if they are currently occupied and with... Read More
SCCM Based Windows 10 Installs -- What’s Different?
Viewed 2918 times since Mon, Mar 9, 2020
Accessing Network Drives In order for your drives to map properly, you will need to ensure your Novell and CWL passwords are synchronized. To change your Novell password please do the following: Log into the helpdesk system with your Novell account ... Read More
What is the process for replacing Xerox Copier Staples?
Viewed 8452 times since Fri, Nov 20, 2015
The following article describes how a user of the campus Pay for Print system can obtain staple replacements for a Xerox copier. Instructions: Client should submit a ticket via the IT Services work request system. Read More
Why is Backing up my Data Important?
Viewed 6510 times since Mon, Apr 18, 2016
Why is backing up my data important? By leaving data on your computer’s local storage, there is a chance the data could be lost due to it being a single point of failure. The following scenarios could (and have) happened: -   ... Read More