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How to Change Legal or Preferred First/Last Name
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To change the legal or preferred First and/or Last name, follow these steps.   Human Resources:  Change name in Workday Follow the steps outlined in the following Workday article.  Note: this must be completed before any technical steps are taken... Read More
How to create bulk accounts for UBCO Food Services (print access)
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How to create Bulk IT Accounts for UBCO Food Services Staff This process is to streamline onboarding multiple food services staff with the IT accounts and access they need when hired. For administrative staff who need full access to UBC IT... Read More
This article is to provide information on managing FASmail continuity when UBC faculty retire and transition to emeritus status.
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Before we discuss managing FASmail access for faculty retiring and transitioning to Professor Emeritus status we need to know, 'How does a UBC employee first obtain a FASmail ( account?' When an employee is hired an employment... Read More
UBC Email Systems - Student Focus
Viewed 2422 times since Thu, Apr 13, 2023
Intention of this article is to inform UBC students on the use and application of the UBC email systems.  Email services at UBC are segmented into two unique offerings: 1) Student and Alumni service and 2) Faculty/Staff (FASmail) service.Please... Read More
What is a new employee IT orientation all about?
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 The following article information outlines what new staff can expect when a technician completes an IT client orientation with them. Preamble Upon arriving to work at UBCO, full time, permanent staff and faculty can expect to have an IT supplied... Read More