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Campus Wide Software Landing Page
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What is Campus Wide Licensed Software? Campus Wide licensed software is software that can be installed at no-cost on UBC provided equipment; However, each piece of software may have a different installation procedure. Some pieces... Read More
Campus Wide Software Licenses
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This article summarizes the available campus-wide software licenses at the Okanagan campus. Campus Wide Campus wide licenses may only be installed on IT, Media and Classroom Services managed systems. Some products are available for self-service... Read More
Viewed 7275 times since Thu, Sep 4, 2014
Connect is the unofficial class information site that contains information such as: Lecture Notes Quizes Unofficial marks It is used by both Vancouver and Okanagan campuses with a much higher uptake on the Okanagan campus.  In order to access... Read More
CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor Malware Protection for Users at Higher Risk
Viewed 1496 times since Mon, Jun 1, 2020
Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) is now the recommended malware protection solution for the majority of UBC computers, however, some users have been identified as being at higher risk of attack by the UBC Cybersecurity Team. These users will... Read More
Faculty Service Centre Troubleshooting
Viewed 3421 times since Thu, Sep 4, 2014
The Faculty Service Centre or FSC is the official site used by instructors and administrators to access class lists and submit grades, curriculum management and scheduling and email students.  New faculty members or instructors need to apply for... Read More
Genetec Security Center Software Installation Instructions - For Security Camera Software
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How can students and faculty access Camtasia Studio or Snagit licensing?
Viewed 4740 times since Tue, Sep 9, 2014
Students, faculty, and staff who wish to download and install Camtasia or SnagIT on their own equipment [Mac or PC] can follow these instructions. If you have equipment that is fully supported by ITServices, you can optionally contact us and we will... Read More
How do I get access to free student credits with Microsoft Azure?
Viewed 13481 times since Tue, Mar 20, 2018
Microsoft Azure is a virtual server platform service. Students are allowed to access certain features of Microsoft Azure at no cost. For more information about Microsoft Azure benefits through Microsoft Imagine, please visit Azure for Microsoft... Read More
How do I increase the maximum duration of my SPSS offline license?
Viewed 3424 times since Tue, Jun 13, 2017
Follow these instructions to increase the maximum duration of your SPSS offline [commuter] license from the default 7 days to the maximum of 30 days. Requirements: To increase your maximum commuter license duration, you must: Have a network-licensed... Read More
How do I install campus-licensed software on a computer running OSX?
Viewed 3115 times since Tue, Jun 21, 2016
This article describes how to self-install campus-licensed software on supported computers running OSX.  For instructions on installing campus-licensed software on supported computers running Windows, please see How do I install campus-licensed... Read More
How do I obtain access to the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP) software?
Viewed 23726 times since Mon, Jun 8, 2015
  General Information  This article will explain eligibility and how to obtain UBC Home Use Program (HUP) Microsoft Office 365 software. This software is provide at a 30% discount.   Eligibility   All active employees with a valid email... Read More