How to fix: Cannot log into Remote Labs

Sometimes students will not be able to log into even if they enter the correct credentials. This is due to some of the Remote Lab computers having their keyboard set to something like “Canada (French)” or something that will change the output of the symbol keys.  


For example, if your password is JanIsAwesome7@, different keyboard languages will change the symbol output to something like JanIsAwesome7”. You can confirm this by clicking the eye icon beside the password to reveal it.  


Troubleshooting steps: 

  1. Confirm that your password is not expired (, and you are using .STU after the username.  
  2. Log into something like Canvas to confirm that your password is working and you are using the right password. If your password is saved, go to where the password is saved (ex. Google Passwords) and check what it is. 
  3. After confirming you are using the correct password, on, connect to a computer. On the login screen (of the actual computer on Remote Labs), click on “ENG CA” or whatever the keyboard language is set to. Change it to ENG – US. Again, you can verify that this is the issue by having them click the eye icon beside the password and confirming it.  
  4. Log in 
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