How to Order Paper for UBCO Supported Printers, Copiers & Faxes

Ordering Paper for Pay-for-Print Devices

With the implementation of Workday, the process to order paper for UBC Okanagan managed print devices (multi-purpose devices for print, copy and/or fax) has changed.

Please contact Toni Lee ( with any questions about this process or to onboard new staff who will be ordering paper for your department.

Printer Paper Order Process in Workday - Overview

For detailed step by step screenshots of the process below see the PDF attachment with this article.

  1. Login to Workday  

  2. Select Purchases

  3. Create Requisition (this is linked to a Job Aid on How to Create a Requisition and order from a Supplier Catalogue in Workday)
  4. Change the Program Code to PM004024 (this will charge the paper cost to UBC IT Okanagan)

  5. Change Deliver-To to your department mailroom, office or printer location
    1. You can search by the 3 letter building code <space> room # (e.g. ASC 413)

  6. Connect to Supplier Website -> Staples Bulk Paper -> Connect 

  7. On the Staples Paper website Workday / EWAY), search for or click on DPP1842 (8.5" x 11" Earth Choice 30% recycled copy paper),





    Or search for any of the following in the search bar at the top of the page:
    • DPP1842 ( Letter Size 8.5 x 11),
    • DPP3964 (Legal Size 8.5 x 14)
    • DPP1343 (11 x 17) 

      UBCO's Sustainability Office has provided a list of recommended (green) paper products as well as those to avoid (red).

  8. Click on the product name (NOT Add to Cart to select different order formats first)

  9. Select “Alternate Ordering Formats” grey drop down menu to see other qty options (e.g. carton & skid)

  10. Add desired quantity to cart -> Checkout - > Submit Order

  11. Add Internal Memo:
    • Department(s) who the order is for
    • Printer# the order is for;
    • e.g. School of Engineering P0444

  12. Click “Checkout” – review details

    1. Confirm Deliver-To address is correct (printer location, or department mailroom, etc)
    2. Add Memo to Supplier if needed (e.g. with info on how to access rooms, or contact info if required)
    3. Add Internal Memo (copy same info from previous screen - Dept Name & Printer # P0XXX)
    4. Edit any fields as required (click 3 dots at bottom right of screen next to "Continue Shopping" button)
    5. Click SUBMIT

  13. Request is sent to IT Admin to approve (IT covers all cost, no need to have paper charges reimbursed to departments)

  14. Paper is delivered to Deliver-to Location
    NOTE: The invoice will be sent once the order is out for delivery and may be received in Workday before the paper is physically received. If so this will cause a Match Exception notice sent to you via email and in Workday. This is NOT AN ERROR and will be resolved once you Create Receipt (click this link for details on this process) in Workday. 
  15. LAST STEP! Create Receipt to issue invoice to be paid (will be charged to IT)

    1. In Workday, click on Purchases - > Create Receipt (follow steps in Job Aid linked above)

    2. The Create Receipt process enables Workday to automatically perform 3-way matching (i.e., matching information of the goods/services received, the Purchase Order and the supplier invoice) and if they all match, Workday will automatically approve the invoice and process payment.
Need Help With This? 

Please contact Toni Lee ( with any questions about this process or to onboard new staff who will be ordering paper for your department.

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