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Creating an Archive in Outlook for Windows
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  Archiving saves space in your mailbox when it gets full. It moves your emails from the mailbox on the server, to a file that you store locally on your machine. Emails that are stored in an archive file are not backed up on the FASmail server.... Read More
How do I add a shared calendar to Outlook 2011 for Mac?
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The following are instructions on how to add a department Shared Calendar, or Room Calendar (Resource), to your Outlook profile on a Mac.  Requirements: Prior to being able to add a shared/room calendar to your existing Outlook profile, you... Read More
How do I add and use room resource calendars?
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The following article explains basic instructions to add and use room resource calendars.  For PC Outlook users:  In Outlook click on the calendar link on the bottom left hand side. Once all the calendars are displaying on the left hand side... Read More
How do I archive my Outlook calendar?
Viewed 26388 times since Wed, Apr 29, 2015
The following article is a similar approach to traditional Outlook archiving, but specifically focused on archiving calendar items.  Requirements: This article is intended for Windows PC users running Outlook 2010/2013, but should be... Read More
How do I manage a Distribution List?
Viewed 51134 times since Wed, Mar 18, 2015
This article describes how to manage a UBC department distribution list.  Requirements To manage a distribution list you must be using a PC that is: Running Microsoft Office 2010 or Office 2013 Configured with your UBC FASmail within the Office... Read More
How do I reduce my Fasmail Mailbox size using the Windows version of Outlook?
Viewed 4238 times since Tue, Jan 20, 2015
Following these instructions will allow you to reduce your Mailbox size, by deleting items or archiving email. Requirements: To use these instructions to reduce your Fasmail mailbox size you must be: Running Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8... Read More
How do I share Calendars in Outlook 2013?
Viewed 3595 times since Tue, Aug 25, 2015
Follow these instructions to share a calendar and set sharing permissions in Outlook 2013. Requirements: To share calendars using this method, you must be using Outlook 2013. The calendars can only be shared with other people within the FASMAIL... Read More
How much space do I have left on my FASMail Account?
Viewed 5606 times since Mon, Dec 15, 2014
Have you used up your storage quota within FASMail? Are you unable to send emails because your mailbox is full? -- Yes,  Storage is finite, and mail can rapidly accumulate. Check how much you have used, and how to keep your 'Inbox' tidy. ... Read More
Outlook keeps prompting me to login
Viewed 6670 times since Tue, Nov 17, 2015
Follow the below instructions if you keep getting prompted to log into Outlook. Instructions: The username field should look as shown below If the username doesn't look like the image above click on "Use another account" and type in ead\... Read More
This article is to provide information on managing FASmail continuity when UBC faculty retire and transition to emeritus status.
Viewed 3580 times since Thu, Jun 21, 2018
Before we discuss managing FASmail access for faculty retiring and transitioning to Professor Emeritus status we need to know, 'How does a UBC employee first obtain a FASmail ( account?' When an employee is hired an employment... Read More
What do I do if Office 2011 gives an error message that it may not work with my version of OSX.
Viewed 3062 times since Wed, Jul 30, 2014
The Following article describes a possible solution if Mac Office 2011 programs return the following error message.    Microsoft <application_name> cannot be opened because of a problem. Check with the developer to make sure Microsoft <... Read More
What is a new employee IT orientation all about?
Viewed 11846 times since Mon, Jun 15, 2015
 The following article information outlines what new staff can expect when a technician completes an IT client orientation with them. Preamble Upon arriving to work at UBCO, full time, permanent staff and faculty can expect to have an IT supplied... Read More
What should I do if I receive a phishing message?
Viewed 2535 times since Tue, Feb 10, 2015
This article describes what you should do when you receive a message you suspect or know is a phishing message. Phishing messages are spam messages that contain links to websites intended to get you to divulge your username and password.  Sometimes... Read More
Why did archiving my email in outlook 2016 not move everything I selected to the archive pst file.
Viewed 26001 times since Wed, Apr 26, 2017
When creating an archive.pst file in Outlook 2016 only part of what you have selected is copied to the archive file. The default for cached exchange mode in outlook 2016 is to keep 6 months of mail off line. This must be changed to keep ALL mail off... Read More
Why Mac Outlook won’t show a shared free/ busy calendar that is seen on PC Outlook ?
Viewed 6897 times since Thu, Oct 20, 2016
When a user shares their calendar from outlook on their pc or mac it is not seen by the user who was given permissions on their mac using either outlook 2016 or 2011. This is a known bug on the mac versions of outlook mentioned - documented in... Read More