Troubleshooting tips for syncing your FASmail

Email synching issues are more common when you switch between working remotely to on campus. Apple devices are also more prone to issues with syncing especially when using the Mac exchange client (which doesn’t work well with Microsoft).

To avoid sync issues, you can access your UBC FASMail via the web, which has a live connection to the email server so does not need to sync (it may require multi-factor authorization with the Duo app):

Common troubleshooting steps:

  1. Confirm you are connected to internet (via ethernet cable or wifi):

    If you have troubles connecting to ubcsecure here is an article with steps to set-up AutoConnect.

    If you are off campus you don’t need to be on VPN, however you will likely have a grey window pop-up asking you to sign in with your CWL password to verify your identity.

    You can verify that you are connected by opening outlook and looking at the bottom right corner.

    If you login to webmail ( you’ll just login directly to the site as long as you are connected to the internet:

Issues with shared / delegate calendars not syncing

By default, UBC devices are set-up with “cached exchange mode” turned on. This keeps a copy of your mailbox available for access even if you’re not connected to the internet. This is useful when you need to work offline but still have quick access to your mailbox.

However, this can cause issues with syncing shared calendars. We typically find once this has been disabled it resolves these issues.

Here is a link with instructions on how to disable this mode which should resolve any sync issues:

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