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How do attendees NOT get stuck in Virtual Lobby on Skype For Business?
Viewed 12684 times since Thu, Dec 6, 2018
I've set up a Skype For Business (SFB) Meeting, but last time I did this everyone who tried to attend told me they were stuck in a "Virtual Lobby" or something; how do I make sure that doesn't happen again?? The Virtual Lobby happens when... Read More
How do I block unwanted videoconference calls?
Viewed 4763 times since Wed, Oct 29, 2014
When I'm in a VC call I keep getting annoying callers trying to dial in; how do I block these unwa Blocking when in a call: After you have established the VC call you want to make, and while you're in the call, press the OK button on your... Read More
How do I book the IT Boardrooms in ADM 013 and FIP 337?
Viewed 1958 times since Fri, Apr 17, 2015
Follow these instructions to book the IT Boardrooms in ADM 013 and FIP 337 at the UBC Okanagan Campus. Requirements: Determine if the requester is a UBC Faculty & Staff. If so, they are classified as Administrative. Administrative users are: ... Read More
How do I connect to a BlueJeans session with my Vidyo client?
Viewed 2200 times since Wed, Jun 17, 2015
I’ve been invited to a BlueJeans meeting but would like to use my VidyoDesktop client to attend; how do I connect? Login to your VidyoDesktop client Dial to BlueJeans from your Vidyo client: Type “” in the contact search bar Click... Read More
How do I download a Vidyo recording for use or editing offline?
Viewed 6168 times since Tue, Oct 28, 2014
Using the VidyoReplay system to record or webcast and record gives you a video recording. What if you need to trim that recording? What if you want to use that video in other contexts? To download your video: 1) Go to the VidyoRplay archive page ... Read More
How do I use this LifeSize videoconference unit?
Viewed 5472 times since Thu, Aug 20, 2015
You're using a room equipped with a LifeSize videoconference system (big camera, circular phone saucer, one or two TV displays on the wall); what are the basics of using this equipment?   Turn on all equipment using the little touch screen. To... Read More
How does the new videoconference (VC) dialling system work?
Viewed 1800 times since Fri, May 22, 2015
I've heard an upgrade has happened to our VC system for security and to enable five-digit calling to Vancouver; what has changed? Outbound calls from a converted room to non-UBC videoconference locations: no change Inbound calls to a converted... Read More
How to book departmental meeting rooms using Outlook
Viewed 2309 times since Fri, Feb 1, 2019
  NOTE: The availability of meeting rooms on campus has been limited as part of the university’s response to COVID-19. For available meeting rooms, visit Follow these instructions to book departmental... Read More
How to use room finder for meeting room bookings in Outlook
Viewed 1903 times since Fri, Feb 8, 2019
Follow these instructions to use the room finder for meeting room bookings in Outlook. Requirements: Determine if the requester is a UBC Faculty & Staff. If so, they are classified as Administrative. Administrative users are: Departments/ units... Read More
Important information on facilities requests (Room clean up)
Viewed 859 times since Wed, Dec 12, 2018
There is 2 different request forms that need to be specified depending on the type of work request for classrooms.   When we are putting in work orders for clean up in classrooms regarding furniture like desks, broken chairs or general furniture... Read More
Skype For Business (SFB) Quick Access - UBCO perspective
Viewed 2038 times since Thu, Dec 6, 2018
Skype For Business functions a little differently for those of us at UBCO than for those at UBCV. Here is a quick-start overview on how to get connected AND how to ensure no one gets stuck in the "Virtual Lobby" when trying to join your meeting!... Read More
UBCO Collaboration Suite Skype for Business Getting started
Viewed 1948 times since Tue, Mar 6, 2018
The following link is the official Skype for Business Resources landing page hosted with UBCV   This page contains: Setup Guides Documentation Training Read More
What steps do I take to book a videoconference at UBCO?
Viewed 1765 times since Mon, May 11, 2015
You want to book a videoconference but don’t know what steps you need to take? Here’s your answer. Generally, a regular videoconference room is the best option. You'll have a stronger connection, and the quality of the 'camera... Read More