How do I download a Vidyo recording for use or editing offline?

Using the VidyoReplay system to record or webcast and record gives you a video recording. What if you need to trim that recording? What if you want to use that video in other contexts?

To download your video:

1) Go to the VidyoRplay archive page ( )

2) Login using your normal Vidyo credentials

      - Login button is at the top right of the black bar at the top of the screen

3) Click on "My Videos"

4) Find the video you want to edit; click on the word "Download"

     - a new page will open up in your browser; wait while the download starts.

     - it can take a long time to start downloading, and it looks like nothing is happening. But the download is happening.

     - the downloaded video will be in your computer's Downloads folder.

5) Use a program like MPEG Video or similar to edit your video.

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