Skype For Business (SFB) Quick Access - UBCO perspective


UBC IT is decommissioning Skype for Business on May 31, 2021.  To continue to support your collaboration needs, everyone will be moved to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that was launched for UBC August 2020 to allow UBC groups to create content and share information that they need to work together. MS Teams is Microsoft’s replacement for Skype for Business which is at end-of-life. There is no vendor support for Skype for Business after July 31, 2021.

To learn more about MS Teams, please visit

Skype For Business functions a little differently for those of us at UBCO than for those at UBCV.

Here is a quick-start overview on how to get connected AND how to ensure no one gets stuck in the "Virtual Lobby" when trying to join your meeting!

Article sections:

  1. Logging in on Windows
  2. Logging in on Mac
  3. Basic uses
  4. Scheduling / Creating meetings
  5. Attending Meetings

Logging in for the first time

  1. Logging in on Windows for the first time; start with Outlook closed.
    1. Sign-in address is your normal email, <>
      1. Click on Sign In to continue
    2. A Password box will appear; enter your CWL password
      1. Click on Sign In to continue
    3. Save Login Info? Click Yes.
    4. You will see an error saying Skype has failed to login; this is expected behaviour because on our campus we’re not automatically on the EAD system.
      1. New window opens: in Username, enter your CWL username in the format "ead\CWL username"
    5. Save Login Info? Click Yes.
    6. Setup your camera and microphone preferences by using settings icon, ’Audio Device’, ’Video Device’.
    7. Start Outlook again
  2. Logging in on Mac for the first time; start with Outlook closed:
    1. Sign-in address is your normal email, ""
      1. Click on ’Advanced Options’ to add additional necessary information
    2. In Username, enter your CWL username in the format "EAD\CWL username"
      1. Click on Save; you’ll be returned to the main window
      2. Click on Continue
    3. Type in your CWL password, check the box ’Keep me signed in’ and click Sign In.
    4. Setup your camera and microphone by choosing Skype For Business menu / preferences / Audio/Video.
    5. Start Outlook again


Basic Uses


  1. Basic Uses:
    1. Building your contact list of people with whom you communicate regularly:
      1. In search box, type name or email address of person for whom you’re looking.
        1. Windows: Right-click on their name and either:
          1. Add to Favourites - if you’ll need quick daily access to this person in your contacts
          2. Add to Contacts List - if you’d like to add them to another contacts list you’ve created.
        2. Mac: Right-click on their name, hover over Groups, then select the contact list you want to add them to.
      2. Communicating with your contacts:
        1. In your Contacts list, right-click on a name, and choose:
          1. Send Instant Message (IM)
            1. Chat window opens, type your message and hit Enter
          2. Start Call
            1. Starts an audio-only call
          3. Start Video Call
            1. Your app calls out to your contacts app with your camera and microphone activated
          4. Send Email
            1. Opens Outlook email window
          5. Schedule Meeting
            1. Opens Outlook calendar window


Scheduling Meetings

  1. Scheduling Videoconference Meetings with others at UBC or elsewhere. (If the other attendees do not have Skype For Business installed, a browser plug-in will be automatically downloaded when they join the meeting.)
    1. In your personal Outlook calendar (not a shared calendar), create a Meeting (not an "Appointment" on a Mac).
      1. Fill in the normal details of name, time, date, etc.
      2. Click on "Skype Meeting" (Windows) or "Online Meeting" (Mac)
        1. Connection details are automatically added to the invitation.
      3. Send your invitation as you normally would.
  2. The Virtual Lobby happens when you are using the default Meeting Room in your SFB account. Here's how to change that:

    Creating Unique Videoconference IDs (Dynamic IDs) for secure meetings (and to get rid of the Virtual Lobby):

    1. Windows:
      1. Create a Skype For Business meeting in your Outlook calendar as described above.
      2. Click on Meeting Options in Skype Meetings box
        1. Under "Where do you want to meet online?" select "A new meeting space (I control permissions)"
        2. Under "These people don't have to wait in the lobby" select "Anyone (no restrictions".
          1. You can also choose whether or not you'd like an announcement for when people enter or leave
        3. Under "Who's a presenter?" select "Anyone (no restrictions)"
        4. Click on box "Remember settings" and click on OK
    2. Mac:
      1. Create a Skype For Business meeting in your Outlook calendar as described above.
      2. Click on the down-arrow beside "Online Meeting" (the following items and their wording may vary slightly depending on what version of Outlook you are using)
      3. Click on "Set Access Permissions" or choose "Customize access levels, presenter options, and phone settings"
        1. A dialogue box will open
      4. Choose the "Access" tab
        1. Set level slider to "Everyone"
      5. Choose the "Presenter" tab
        1. Under "Who can be a presenter:" choose "Everyone (no restrictions)"
      6. If you have a "Phone" tab, choose that and set the access level to let everyone in; put a check in the box "people dialing in by phone can bypass the lobby"
      7. Click in box "Remember settings"
      8. Click on OK
    3. You or your guests may need a PIN to get into SFB meetings by phone.
      1. Everyone has to have their own PIN; yours won't work for others because it's tied to your UBC phone number
      2. You should have a PIN automatically assigned as part of working at UBCO.
      3. If that's not the case, contact Vancouver IT to ask for a Skype For Business phone PIN: 

Attending Meetings

  1. Attending meetings
    1. From an invitation in your calendar:
      1. Click on "Join meeting"
    2. From a large videoconference room at UBC or UBCO:
      1. Dial out to 82999
      2. When prompted, enter the Conference ID found at the bottom of your Skype For Business invitation




For more information or assistance, please contact the ITServices Helpdesk - 250.807.9000 or 855.807.9001.
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