CWL and UBC Connect Instructions for New TA’s

This article provides information regarding best practices for students who are going through the TA hiring process to ensure proper integration with SISC Teaching Assignment and UBC Connect.

Department and Faculty Administrators

Separate instructions for department and faculty administrators can be found in this article .

The primary goal in following these best practices is to ensure that you end up with a single CWL account.  Moving forward, every person at UBC should have only one CWL account which can be linked to a student ID, employee ID, and an administrator account.  When multiple CWL accounts are created for one user, there are no links between the accounts.  This often causes confusion when determining a users’ login access. Therefore, to improve the user experience, and for auditing and security purposes, we need to ensure all users have a single CWL account.

Multiple CWL Accounts

The overwhelming majority of the issues experienced by new TA’s with SISC Teaching Assignment and UBC Connect are a result of having multiple CWL accounts.  Should this happen to you, you can submit a CWL account merge request using the CWL account merge information at the bottom of this article.


You have four things you need to do:

  1. Confirm the email address currently associated with your CWL account and send that address, along with your CWL user ID, to your faculty administrator.
  2. Once your faculty administrator sends you your new employee ID, associate it with your CWL account.
  3. Create a email address or forward.
  4. Add your new address to your HR profile.

Confirming your CWL email address

As part of the hiring process, when asked for an email address, make sure you provide the email address associated with your CWL login.

  1. Login to the CWL myAccount site.
  2. On the left side of the page, click the View or Update Login Details link.

  3. The email address associated with your CWL account is displayed in the Email field, as highlighted in the example below:

  4. Send that email address, along with your CWL username, to your faculty administrator so that they can proceed with their portion of the hiring process.

Associating your employee ID with your CWL account

After you receive your new employee ID and CWL signup PIN, use these instructions to associate your employee ID with your existing CWL account.  The instructions with your CWL signup PIN may indicate you should create a new CWL account but do not do so.

I received an error when associating my employee ID with my existing CWL account.

Please use the CWL support request information at the end of this article to contact the IT Service Centre for further investigation.

I received email notification that a new CWL account has been created for me.

In some cases, you may end up with a second CWL account as a result of the hiring process - a student CWL (which is the one you normally use), and a staff CWL which is a new account that may be created as part of the hiring process.   Should this happen, you will need to use the CWL support information at the end of this article to request the new CWL account be merged back into your existing student CWL account.

Creating an address or forward

If you do not already have one, sign up for an email address or email forward at  You will later be associating this with your UBC employee record.

Why do I need an email address?

For privacy and security reasons, UBC cannot publish or share your personal email address with others.  By associating a email address with your UBC employee record, it can be published along with your TA information in the online Course Schedule so that you can be contacted by other students and instructors.

Associating your email address with your HR profile

You need to be on campus, or connected through VPN, to perform these last steps.

  1. Go to and login with your CWL account.
  2. From the menu at the top of the page, click the HRMS Self Service link.

  3. Click on the Email Addresses link on the left side of the page.

  4. Make changes to your email addresses as follows:
    1. Set your Primary Email to be your email address.
    2. Set your Other Email 1 to be your personal email address.

  5. You’re all done!  Send an email to the administrator who has been working with you through the hiring process to let them know you’ve completed all of your steps.

Submitting a CWL Account Merge Request

If you end up with multiple CWL accounts, you will need to submit a CWL account merge request to the UBCV IT Service Centre (ITSC).  All CWL support requests must be submitted by the owner of the CWL account.

Make sure you have the following information on hand before contacting the ITSC:

  • current (student) CWL login username
  • employee ID number
  • student ID number

The UBCV IT Service Centre can be reached at:

  • 250.807.9611 - call locally in the Okanagan, no long distance charges
  • 79611 - call from any UBC Okanagan phone
  • 604.822.2008 - call from the Vancouver area
  • - submit a request online
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