How will I know when my ticket has been completed?

The first thing to note is that tickets may consist of multiple work orders, potentially with different due dates and assigned technicians.

At any point, you can login to the IT Helpdesk system to check the status of your ticket and the individual work orders. You will also be informed via email when your ticket has been dispatched to our technicians, when each individual work order is completed, and when your ticket is complete.

You can contact the dispatcher through the IT Helpdesk system at any point if you need to provide additional information - learn more by visiting our FAQ article on adding notes to your ticket.


Viewing the status of a ticket

After logging into the IT Helpdesk system at with your Novell credentials, click the View My Tickets link under IT, Media and Classroom Services.


Need help logging in? Click the Help link in the Login box.


The My Tickets screen will load, displaying your Open tickets by default.


To view your Completed or Cancelled tickets, select that option under the View dropdown box at the top of the My Tickets screen.

The ticket status is also explicitly displayed in a Status column.

Learn more about viewing your open, completed, completed and cancelled tickets.

Viewing the status of a work order

On the My Tickets screen, click the Ticket No. of the ticket you'd like to view the work orders for.

The status of individual work orders associated with your ticket are shown under the Work Orders area on the Overview tab, and on the Work Orders tab.

The Status column displays if a work order is open, completed or cancelled, and the icon to the left of the technician name indicates whether or not the work order has been read, reviewed, flagged as in progress, placed on hold, or completed.

In Progress
Placed on hold by technician
Reminder - work order has recently come off hold
Completed by technician
Completed by all technicians

Getting back to My Tickets

To go back to the My Tickets screen at any time, click the My Tickets link in the left-hand navigation, or the blue TICKETS link at the top of the page.

For more information or assistance, please contact the ITServices Helpdesk - 250.807.9000 or 855.807.9001.
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