UBCO Softphone Service

The UBCO Softphone service provides voice services over the Internet including access to voicemail, call history, and contact information.


The UBCO Softphone service is $110 for the upgraded license (one-time fee) and $25 per month for long-distance. Current pricing is subject to change.

Service Requirements

  • An internet connection with good signal strength if using wireless.
  • A computer with Windows or MacOS.
  • A headset or built-in speaker and microphone.
  • An existing number and desk phone on-campus.*

Requesting the Service

Requests for the UBCO Softphone service should be made through a Service Now General Request. The Request must include the user's existing telephone number, Cost Centre, and PM Codes. You can create a Request by clicking here.

Service Support

Support is limited to UBCO provided equipment while on-campus. Any troubleshooting outside of the campus (e.g. at home) is not available including troubleshooting home network issues, peripheral devices and non-UBCO hardware.

More information on the features, functions and operation of the Mitel Softphone including troubleshooting tips can be found on UBCO IT Phone Service.

*In some cases, a standalone UBCO Softphone service can be provided to employees who are off-campus and do not have office space on-campus.

More information on the UBCO Softphone and how to use it can be found in the UBCO Softphone Quick Reference Guide.

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