How do I request an EAD account extension?

In the event that you have an employee (Staff/Faculty/Student Employee/Graduate Assistant/ETC) whose EAD account access has been disabled due to an end of his/her current HRMS appointment, you can request an account extension to ensure that services effected (Email/Encryption) continue until a new appointment has been fully processed. The reporting manager and primary contact for your department's HR/AccessUBC records will be notified multiple times via an automated email up to 14 days prior to an employee's appointment end-date. 

If you are the employee whose EAD account access has been disabled, please contact your reporting manager or department administrative assistant to have them submit an IT Services Helpdesk Ticket requesting said account access be re-enabled. 

The following document details the process on how to request an EAD account extension via our IT Helpdesk Ticketing system. 


1. Sign in to the IT Helpdesk System using your Novell credentials

2. Click on Enter a New Ticket (IT)

3. a. Click the drop-down menu beside "Who is this for" to select Existing UBC Okanagan Employee 

b. Select the Employee's name requiring the extension

c. Select Request a Change to Existing Service, and click Continue


4. Select the Request Type as Account Extension, and click Continue

5. a. Select the Account Type (CWL/EAD/FASmail and/or Novell eDirectory)

b. Enter the DATES when the account(s) will expire

c. Enter the DATES when to Extend access up to

d. Complete any additional instructions, select necessary authorizations for this request to be processed, and Submit your ticket. 

For more information or assistance, please contact the ITServices Helpdesk - 250.807.9000 or 855.807.9001.
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