New To UBC(O) and Why It’s Important

Administrators looking to set-up IT services for individuals that are new to UBC can use the New to UBC ticket entry form, a one-stop form with the ability to request accounts, phone service and IT equipment.

NOTE: IT cannot complete an account create until the new employee has been processed through HRMS/Payroll and they have completed the Simplified CWL sign up process sent to them by HR

What does the new employee see as part of their CWL sign up process? Click the following link for a step-by-step walk-through on what the new employee will see:


Accessing the Form  
  1. Login to the IT Helpdesk system at with your Novell credentials.
    Need help logging in? Click the Help link in the Login box.
  2. Under IT, Media and Classroom Services, click the New to UBC link. 
    Alternately, you can access the form under Tickets in the left-hand menu.

New to UBC

Completing the Form

Initial Information

  1. In the "Choose one of" dropdown box, select the employee type.
  2. Enter First and Last Name, including a Prefix or Preferred First Name if required.
  3. If prompted, select or enter applicable research project.

NOTE: To ensure a smooth account creation process, please verify the spelling of the first and last name.

New to UBC - Initial Information

Employee Details

  1. Complete employee details in full.

NOTE: Employee details are not required for contractors or external researchers. Instead, you'll be prompted to provide an Email Address, Phone Number, Start Date and End Date (if available).

NOTE: It is very important to have the new employee's ID number at this stage. On rare occasion two employees may share the same first and last name. The employee ID allows us to ensure the accounts are being modified for the correct employee.

New to UBC - Employee Details

Service Details

  1. Specify Contact Phone Number - what number can we call regarding this ticket?
  2. Select checkbox for each requested service.
    • Novell eDirectory/Email/Print/Copy Accounts, including access to printers and shared folders
    • Phones, include office, cellular and Long Distance PIN
    • IT Equipment, including desktops, laptops, peripherals, printers and software
  3. Indicate that that One-Over-One Approval has been received, or that you have FMS signing authority for any chargeable services.
Service Details


If Novell eDirectory/Email/Print/Copy Accounts was chosen on the Service Details page, you'll be prompted to provide additional details.

  1. Enter Speedchart and PG Code
    If the Speedchart does not exist in our system, you will be prompted to provide additional details, including Department, Billing Contact and FMS Department ID.
  2. Indicate if a CWL account is required. 
    If a CWL account already exists, check the CWL box and provide the CWL Login ID.
  3. Indicate if Email is required, including the preferred email address, access to alternate accounts, and/or an email alias.
  4. Indicate if a Novell eDirectory account is required, including access to printer(s) and colour printing, and/or shared folder and server access.

NOTE: If you require access to a shared folder on the Vancouver campus, please contact that department directly to arrange for access. Once you have confirmed access, please contact the IT Helpdesk to have your workstation configured.

NOTE: It is very important to have the new employees STAFF CWL account at this point. This information helps us ensure the accounts are matched and created correctly.

New to UBC - Accounts

Phone Services

If Phones was chosen on the Service Details page, you'll be prompted to provide additional details.

  1. Indicate if a new Phone/Fax Line or Cellular Phone is required.
  2. Indicate if an existing Phone/Fax Line or Cellular Phone will be transferred to the new employee.
  3. Indicate if a Long Distance PIN is required.
    Long Distance PINs can be used for international calls.

NOTE: If required, you have the option to specify a different speedchart for each service.

New to UBC - Phone Services

IT Equipment

  1. Indicate if existing, new or loaner equipment is required.
    • Existing equipment
      Provide current and new location of equipment. Note that an IT Service Tag No. for a desktop and/or laptop is also required.
    • New equipment
      Request a quote for new equipment, or choose CRP (Computer Replacement Program).
    • Loaner equipment
      UBC IT will provide a loaner desktop with a single monitor.
New to UBC - IT Equipment
Submit the Form
  1. Click the  button.
    Your ticket will be processed by our staff, and assigned to a technician(s) for completion.

Access the New to UBC form

The employee never received their Simplified CWL Sign Up Email from HR, what happened?
There are usually 2 causes for this, either a) HR/Payroll hasn't finished processing the new employee yet or b) there was a typo when providing the new employees personal email address. There is also a small possibility the email is caught in the new employees junk folder. Contact HR to ensure the hiring process is complete and that the personal email address is correct.
What is the difference between a CWL account and a Novell/OES account?
UBCO is working towards a single sign on approach much like our counterparts in Vancouver already have. But for now there are two main account types in the Okanagan. The Novell/OES account is used for a few UBCO specific systems such as: Logging into a Windows Based Workstation, Printing, Network File Access, and the Helpdesk system. UBC wide applications/websites will use your CWL account, including your UBC email account.
Who qualifies for IT equipment?
For new full time permanent employees they will qualify for new equipment if its a brand new position or existing equipment if they are filling a previously created position. Find out more about the CRP program here:
For term employees or sessional instructors. They may qualify for loaner equipment depending on availability.
For more information or assistance, please contact the ITServices Helpdesk - 250.807.9000 or 855.807.9001.
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