How to update Employee information in the UBC Directory

After a new employee is hired and their Employee ID is associated with a CWL account, a new record is automatically created within the UBC Directory. The employee's directory record is initially populated with basic information, such as First Name, Last Name, and Email.

Currently you cannot add, delete or update a record directly. For UBC Okanagan, you will need to ask the IT department to do these updates for you (in Vancouver the request would go to the department directory administrator).

 To update a directory record (employee listing), there are two options.

#1 - via the UBC Directory Listing:

  1. Find the employee you wish to update by searching for them in the directory.
  2. At the top of their record, click on "Request an update to this information"

    and complete the form.

  3. A ticket in the UBC Self-Service will be created with the requested updates. All information will be verified before being updated.

#2 Email your Request

You can also email with the requested changes. This will also create a ticket, and one of the IT Service Representatives will help you with the request. If you submit an email, be sure to include all the required information, including the full name of the employee.

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