Introduction to buyIT

Effective August 1, 2020 the buyIT website is no longer available. Please submit all requests for IT equipment orders or quotes to the IT Helpdesk.

What is buyIT?

buyIT is the ITServices purchasing portal which allows you to browse and purchase popular UBC Okanagan supported technologies including computers, software and accessories. 

Please be aware that only purchases that can be allocated to a relevant UBC SpeedChart, account code, PG code and department code can be purchased through buyIT.  If you have any queries on this, please contact us at or call us at 250 807 9000 (x 79000).

How do I access buyIT?

*Note that Internet Explorer causes issues and is unsupported* Please use an alternative browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

From your browser, go to and login using your standard CWL login and password.  Once you are logged in, click onto the Catalog link on the menu bar to view the buyIT catalog.

How do I select equipment to purchase?

Browse and select from a number of different technology options.   Navigate to the item that you are interested in and choose Learn More, Add to Quote or Add to Cart to be taken to the full product page.  With some products you will be offered a series of configuration options.  Select from the configuration options that are available.  If there is no cost associated with an option then this indicates that it is part of the standard configuration. As you add options, you will see the price increase accordingly. 

When you have completed your configuration, you can choose Add to Quote or Add to Cart.

*Always choose Add to Quote if you are unsure that the equipment will meet your requirements or if you would like any advice from us. 

Checkout & Approval Process

Billing Information

    • The address is pre-populated and IS NOT the address that the goods will be shipped to.  We will ensure that goods are shipped correctly.

 Shipping Method

    • The default shipping method is set to $0. 
    • If the goods are going to incur vendor shipping charges which exceed your authorized amount by more than $10 then we will be in touch with you prior to placing an order.

 Payment Information

    • Enter your SpeedChart, Dept ID, PG Code and Account Code.
    • Suggested Account Codes are displayed on the right hand side of the checkout screen.
    • Please contact your Department Administrator if you are unsure which SpeedChart, Dept ID or PG Code to use.
    • If you do not have signing authority on the SpeedChart then you MUST speak to the authorizing signatory for this SpeedChart to ensure that they approve your purchase before completing this Checkout process.
    • Most purchases will be on one SpeedChart. If you need to make a purchase using two SpeedCharts, use the Split Pay feature.  This allows you to add an additional SpeedChart (and associated financial codes).  In this instance, you must speak to both authorizing signatories for the SpeedChart(s) to ensure that they approve your purchase before completing this checkout.

 Approver *IMPORTANT*

    • The name of your manager will automatically pre-populate in the Approver field.
    • If there is a different approver for this SpeedChart, or if you have authority on your own SpeedChart, you need to change this name by typing the last name of the person with authority. A list of names will appear after 4-6 seconds.  Select the correct name from this list.
    • If this is Split Pay, please contact us for instructions of how to proceed.

Click Continue to be presented with the final Checkout screen, confirming your order details, Internal Billing codes and giving you the opportunity to Edit Your Cart before choosing Place Order.

What happens once I place my order? 

  • You will receive an automatic notification email from confirming your request.
  • An email is sent to the approver asking them to approve your request. 

 *IMPORTANT* If you have signing authority on the SpeedChart and you changed the name of the approver to be your own name, you will receive an email asking you to approve the order. You MUST approve the order for us to receive notification of your order and be able to proceed.

  1. Once your order has been approved, either by yourself or the person named in the Approver field, you will receive an email confirming your order is ready to be processed.  If your order is rejected, you will also get an email.
  2. The IT Purchasing team will get a notification that you have placed an order and check all financial / approval details.
  3. Once details have been validated, if your order is less than $3500.00, it is ready to be processed. 
  4. If your order is over $3500.00 then we need physical signatures from two people authorized on the selected SpeedChart.  Once we receive the approval notification for your purchase through buyIT we will contact you with a copy of the form to be completed.  Once this has been validated your order is ready to be processed.

What if I can’t find what I am looking for?

buyIT contains details of the most popular items that we source for the UBCO campus community.  We are able to assist with purchasing other technologies, such as servers, data storage, specialist computers, specialist software and a variety of other items which you will not see listed in the catalog. 

If you are interested in a quote for an item not listed, or you see the item in the catalog but it says ‘Please contact us with your requirements so we can find the best options for you’ then please do just that! The easiest way to do this is to search and select Custom Order / Special Request.  Select Add to Quote and use the comments field to provide details. Submit Quote Request and someone from the team will be in touch with you to provide you with options and recommendations, and can create a custom catalog item within buyIT when you are ready to finalize the purchase.

How do I track my order?

Once your order is being processed we create a HelpDesk ticket on your behalf, with a Work Order type of Procurement > Order

Log in to the IT HelpDesk ( and select My Tickets to track your order. 

You can also view all of your past, pending and current orders from within buyIT by selecting My Account.  Your order will have a status type as follows:

Placed into Queue- The order has been authorised and FMS verification complete

Order – The item(s) have been ordered from the supplier

Item Received – This means that specific items have been received (not necessarily the entire order)

Invoiced – All items have been received

Ship – The purchasing workflow is complete and items may be awaiting install

How soon will I receive my order?

Most items are delivered to us within 2-3 weeks of placing your order.  If your order requires a technician to install it, we will schedule the technician based on the estimated delivery time from the vendor.  If you order does not require a technician, we will contact you to collect it from us.

If you are working to a schedule and you are concerned about your order being delivered and installed on time, please contact us before you place the order.  We will be able advise you of the realistic timelines for your particular order.

Custom build, high value or back-ordered items, or items sourced outside of Canada, will almost certainly take longer to be received and installed.  Please contact us if this is of concern to you.

Who can I talk to about buyIT?

If you have any queries or feedback we would love to hear from you!

Please contact

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