How do I use Audacity to Record Audio in the ConCap Studio123 (LIB123)?

If this is your first time recording in Studio123 please read through these instructions in their entirety and review the images at the bottom of the page before proceeding. If you run into difficulties use the support phone located on the wall in the Studio to call UBC Studios Okanagan Campus.


Preparing the Studio for Recording

  1. Close front Blackout Blind (this will reduce audio reverb)
  2. Plug your USB drive into the port located on the left side of the computer monitor
  3. Check the Dock on the bottom of the screen to ensure Blackmagic Media Express and Mediasite Desktop Recorder do not have a black dot below the icon, this indicates the program is running. If running, right click the program icon and select "Quit"
  4. Launch Audacity from the computer screen desktop


Setting up the Microphone

  1. Position microphone 5 – 10” from your mouth, with the shield facing you.
  2. Ensure the Red Light on the microphone is solid. Click the red light to toggle (a blinking light means the microphone is muted)
  3. Click “Click to Start Monitoring (Refer larger to diagram below) to activate Audio Gauges. (Note: this does not start the recording) The Green Bars indicate the microphone is taking in audio, louder noises will make the bars move more. If the audio is too loud and the bars are moving so much that they turn red, move the microphone away from the audio source slightly.


Creating a Recording

  1. To start a recording, click the Record Button (red circle) in the Transport Toolbar (1). To end the recording click the Stop Button (yellow square)
  2. Clicking the Play Button (green arrow) in the Transport Toolbar allows you to listen to your recording (Ensure the Desktop Speakers are turned On)
  3. Pressing the Record Button again will record to a new Track (6)
  4. To delete a Track press the x button on the top left of each Audio Track (5, 6)
  5. You can edit your audio tracks inside Audacity using tools provided in the Tools Toolbar (2) or Edit Toolbar (4). For editing tips click How do I perform basic audio editing in Audacity? .
  6. When you are happy and finished your recording you can export an Audio File by going to the tool bar at the very top left of the computer screen and select File then from the drop down menu select Export Audio
    1. Name your file
    2. Change the format, we suggest WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM
    3. Choose to save your audio file to your USB storage device
    4. Click save
    5. You will then have the option to add more meta data
  7. The new Audio file will be saved onto your USB


When finished recording

  1. To quit Audacity go to the tool bar at the top left of the computer screen and select Audacity then from the drop down menu select Quit
  2. You will have the option to save the Audacity Project (this is NOT an audio file such as an .mp3 or .wav, see Step 6 above) before closing the software. This will allow you to return to Audacity at a later date and continue to edit your project
  3. To eject your USB drive from the computer desktop, right-click on the icon and select Eject
  4. Click the Apple Logo (top left of screen) and select Log Out
  5. Open the front Blackout Blind


Audacity Program Layout



Troubleshoot Audacity 

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