CRP Frequently Asked Questions 


Most of these questions and answers pertain only to Instructor CRP equipment. Staff equipment policies are different.


Should I choose a desktop or a laptop?

We do have computers in some (around 10%), but not all, of our classrooms. Most classrooms do have overhead LCD projectors for use with laptops and, of course, we have a campus-wide wireless network for classroom connectivity.

Most instructors (around 90%) choose laptops because of the shorter replacement time and higher flexibility. Desktops do have a slight performance advantage and can be more easily used with dual-monitor configurations so they are popular with engineering, etc.


Should I choose Windows or a Mac?

This is generally a personal preference.  To note there are a number of software packages that are dependent on Windows and will not run on a native Mac environment.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact ITServices.

Can I choose to run Windows on my Mac?


Yes - there are two ways in which this can be accomplished.

You may choose to obtain a VMWare Fusion license through ITServices. This is available at no cost to faculty for instructional and non-commercial research. For support staff, VMWare fusion costs less than $100. ITServices would covers the costs of Windows OS and Microsoft Office. ITServices will then install VMWare Fusion and provide a VMWare Fusion image that includes Windows OS and Office. Both OSX and Windows would be fully supported in this scenario. You would also be able to take advantage of any campus-wide licensed software or software pricing available for Windows only.

If you would prefer a dual-boot configuration using Boot Camp [OSX v10.5 and above only], you should be aware that ITServices cannot install or support the Windows installation on your Macintosh but will be happy to help you obtain the necessary software licenses so you can perform the installation yourself. You may then use the self support options for file and print access as well as free anti-virus. You would not be eligible to obtain or install any campus-wide licensed software on your unsupported Windows installation.


Are there any conditions or rules surrounding the CRP?

The conditions and rules for the use of the equipment are very simple. The equipment is assigned to you for the term of the CRP cycle and can be taken off campus, on trips, etc. It is considered your officially supported UBCO equipment which means we will be your point of contact for any software (spyware/viruses, installation, troubleshooting) and hardware issues for the duration of the CRP.

We purchase PC laptops with Dell 3 Year Warranty - this means they are covered for manufacture malfunctions while they are in the CRP cycle. This coverage does not include accidental dropage, spillage etc...  Also, please note the battery itself is only covered for one year.

Mac laptops are covered by a one year manufacture malfunction warranty.  This coverage does not include accidental dropage, spillage etc...  Also, please note the battery itself is only covered for one year.


 Please note if a piece of CRP equipment is damaged during the CRP cycle and is not covered under warranty you will not get another new piece of CRP equipment.  ITServices will make a best effort in providing another piece of similar equipment during this period. 


How long does it take for equipment to be repaired?

For either Mac or PC computer equipment, we usually have spare machines on hand for short term loaners.  This will not include specially configured machines and will only be prior base level standard machines.


What about my existing equipment that I'm bringing with me?

Unfortunately, at this time ITservices does not have sufficient staffing to provide full support for any existing equipment you bring with you. We do, however, provide a wide-array of self service options to give you access to network printers, the file server, free anti-virus, and wireless network.

If you are bringing research lab equipment with you, please let us know so that we can meet with you to discuss your unique research needs. It is critical to establish a support framework so that the policies and strategies are in place to ensure that any technical difficulties can be dealt with in a fast and efficient manner.

Any additional equipment you might purchase (for research or instructional use) through ITServices will come with the same level of support as your CRP equipment.


Can I change my selection after beginning my replacement cycle?


Please contact us if this is something you wish to pursue.  We will make a best effort in trying to exchange equipment choice but due to funding this has to happen with existing CRP assigned equipment.  



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