May 9th Wi-Fi Certification Update

The following article provides all of the details on the May 9th Wi-Fi Certification Update.


UBC has several Wi-Fi networks that provide the community with access to wireless for mobile devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. UBC IT has a security certificate for these networks to ensure that the UBC Secure, UBC Private, and Eduroam networks are secure.

Effective May 9, the current certificate expires. The UBC Wi-Fi certificate has been supported by Symantec (Thawte) for the last decade. Last October, DigiCert acquired Symantec (and its subsidiaries) and now handles validation and issuance of all Symantec and Symantec’s subsidiary certificate authorities. Unfortunately, DigiCert is no longer issuing renewals from their recently acquired certificate authorities and now requires customers to purchase new certificates based on the DigiCert Global Root CA. UBC, therefore, must comply with DigiCert.

This means that all end-users who utilize UBC wireless services will be required to trust a new root certificate. To ensure uninterrupted Wi-Fi access as well as minimize disruption for next term, all faculty, staff, and students must download and run the Autoconnect tool on their mobile devices, and any device not managed by UBC IT prior to May 9.

The Autoconnect tool can be found here

I got an email about a change to wifi – what do I do?

Not sure what steps to take to update to the new WiFi certificate? Follow one of the following decision paths based on the date:

Detailed Instructions

To see step by step instructions on how to update your device, please find your device or operating system on the following page:

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