Planning for working remotely - guide for supervisors

This article provides guidance for supervisors on planning for your staff to work remotely.  The experience working remotely is significantly different than working in the office.  Not all services can be provided remotely and the University has limited resources to enable remote work.  We ask that supervisors read through the following points to familiarize themselves and host appropriate conversations with their staff to appropriate plan for remote work and set necessary expectations.


We encourage you to contact the help desk with any questions or to discuss your plans, especially if you are considering purchasing, acquiring or moving equipment to support working remotely for your staff.


COVID-19 Update: The IT Services loaner pool isn’t able to provide devices for all faculty and staff who may be seeking a device to work from home.  Devices will be provided on a priority basis to units whom play a critical service function to the campus.  Other options will be made available as best effort where available.  A separate guide is available to staff who may wish to use their personal device at home to access basic services remotely (Working Remotely - Using a Personal Device). 



This guide will cover the following topics in preparation for remote work.  You may use this as a checklist:


Enhanced CWL

Ensure staff have a method available to complete their enhanced CWL login on their computer from their remote location.  Multiple methods can be enrolled and used as required.  For more information, please visit, or for instructions on enrolling a device please visit  Second method could include: 


Information Security Standards

Working remotely increases the risk of data loss or theft of UBC information.  Diligence on part of the staff member working remotely is required at all times.  As a supervisor, you have a duty to ensure your staff are trained, aware and have direction when working remotely.  The following information must be reviewed before working remotely, understanding and being aware of the risks:

More information can be found here: 06 Working Remotely.pdf 



IT Services have a limited number of devices in the loaner pool.  These devices will be provided on a priority basis to those who:

The following guides are available for working remotely with UBC owned devices and personal devices:



Supervisors should consider contact methods required for working remotely.  The Okanagan campus has limited ability to provide off-campus telephone services and this will be provided to critical business areas.  For staff working remotely, please consider:

 Please visit the following page for off-campus voicemail access instructions: 


Collaboration and Conferencing

Keeping connected with your team, colleagues and other units whilst working remotely can be challenging.  UBC has invested in several options for conferencing services - please ensure you have directed your team on which tool will be used, and ensure everyone is setup to use the conferencing platform of choice and has tested to ensure their device works remotely:


Printing and Scanning

IT services does not have a printing and scanning solution for remote use, nor has any loaner printer and scanner equipment. Further, when connected to VPN, a staff member's home wireless printer/scanner will not be accessible. We ask staff’s patience working with any printed materials. Our advice to managers:


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