Mac OS X 10.15 Release - October 7th, 2019

Please note Apple has released their latest OS X 10.15 called Catalina.  At this time 10.15 is not fully supported and it is recommended not to upgrade to this version until further testing of all UBC related software and programs

UBCOIT will be testing and confirming all software and applications installed on UBCO supplied devices and once verified we will enable the update feature.

Known Issues

Known UBC related applications that do not work with 10.15 are listed below.  Please note that this list may grow over time as we discover any applications that are not supported at all or do not have a current supported release.

More info

For more information on changes within these applications please refer to Apple's site (hxxps://

For a summarized listing of changes this site has useful information - (hxxps://

For added security, we have changed links to include an hxxps:// prefix. This removes the hyperlink from the message. Simply copy and paste the URL into a web browser and replace hxxps:// with https://. Together we can keep our information secure.

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