How to Remotely Access a UBC Okanagan Lab Computer Using RemoteLabs

UBC Okanagan provides a remote access service, RemoteLabs, that enables our students the ability to access a University Lab Computer from the convenience of their own home over the Internet. We ask that you take a minute to review our How-To below before jumping on to one of our Remote Access Computers. 

How to Remotely Access a UBC Okanagan Lab Computer:

  1. Go to the RemoteLabs website: and Log in using your UBC Okanagan Novell Account Credentials (student number)

  2. Select the room from the Computer Lab list on the left

  3. Locate an available Remote Computer (green is available, red is in use) and click Connect on the far right of the screen

  4. Log onto the Remote Computer using your Novell Credentials (student number)


A few things to note when using RemoteLabs:

  • Internet Explorer is not supported. Please use the latest versions of either Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera when accessing RemoteLabs. 
  • If you are unsure of your Novell Credentials, try using your student number. If you're unsure of your Novell Password, please contact our IT Services Helpdesk.
  • There is a small delay from when someone logs into a machine to it showing as In Use. If you are unable to access a machine the first time, go back to the list of available workstations and choose another computer. 
  • Sometimes session/cookie issues can occur when a user is trying to regain access to an existing session. You can remedy this by clearing the cookies/cache or going into incognito mode. Removing the cookies specific to the remotelabs site can be done (in Chrome) by going to the address bar padlock (when on RemoteLabs) -> cookies -> select -> remove
For more information or assistance, please contact the ITServices Helpdesk - 250.807.9000 or 855.807.9001.
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