How to Remotely Access a UBC Okanagan Lab Computer Using RemoteLabs

UBC Okanagan provides a remote access service, RemoteLabs , that enables our students the ability to access a University Lab Computer from the convenience of their own home over the Internet. We ask that you take a minute to review our How-To below before jumping on to one of our Remote Access Computers. 

How to Remotely Access a UBC Okanagan Lab Computer:

            1. Go to the RemoteLabs website: and Log in using your UBC CWL/EAD Account   Credentials (students use cwl.stu)
            2. Select the Headless Lab  from the Computer Lab list on the left ( picture below may not be exact

            3. Locate an available Remote Computer ( green  is  available red  is  in use ) and  click Connect  on the far right of the screen 
            4. Log onto the Remote Computer  using your UBC CWL/EAD Account Credentials  (students use  cwl.stu )


A few things to note when using RemoteLabs:

                      • Internet Explorer is not supported. Please use the latest versions of either Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera when accessing RemoteLabs. 
                      • If you are unsure of your CWL/EAD Credentials, please contact our IT Services Helpdesk .
                      • There is a small delay from when someone logs into a machine to it showing as In Use . If you are unable to access a machine the first time, go back to the list of available workstations and choose another computer. 
                      • Sometimes session/cookie issues can occur when a user is trying to regain access to an existing session. You can remedy this by clearing the cookies/cache or going into incognito mode. Removing the cookies specific to the remotelabs site can be done (in Chrome) by going to the address bar padlock (when on RemoteLabs) -> cookies -> select -> remove
For more information or assistance, please contact the ITServices Helpdesk - 250.807.9000 or 855.807.9001.
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