How to use room finder for meeting room bookings in Outlook

Follow these instructions to use the room finder for meeting room bookings in Outlook.


Determine if the requester is a UBC Faculty & Staff. If so, they are classified as Administrative. Administrative users are:

Examples of Administrative user bookings include space for:

Department room managers reserve the right to bump any user group in their respective space if necessary. Non-departmental, commercial and external groups need to contact the Central Booking Office and may have applicable charges.


To use the room finder, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new meeting.
  2. Enter the subject and start time/end time.
  3. Switch to scheduling assistant.
  4. Select a building from the Show a room list
  5. Find an available time using the Suggested Times pane.


1 - From the Inbox, select New Items > Meeting or in the Calendar, select New Meeting. You also can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Q to create a new meeting request.


Add Meeting


2 - In the Subject field, enter a description of the meeting. For some rooms, anyone can see the meeting subject. Do not type anything in the Subject field that should not be displayed.


Meeting Subject and Time


3 - Switch to scheduling assistant to add attendees and rooms.


4 - Use the "Show a room list" drop-down to pick from a list of rooms.

Select the required building from the room list to add all of the bookable meeting rooms to the Scheduling Assistant and to the meeting as a recipient.


Room Finder 


The Suggested Times pane locates the best time for your meeting, which is defined as the time when most attendees are available. The best meeting time appears at the top of the pane. To select any one of the suggested times, click the time suggestion in the Suggested Times pane. You can also manually select a time on the free/busy grid.




When you're done setting up your meeting, switch back to the Appointment View and click Send.

You will receive a confirmation email with one of the following:

  1. Approved
  2. Tentative - A manual approval is required. Once approved, you will receive either a denied or approved email confirmation.
  3. Denied - The request is denied, and needs to be booked by phone or find an alternative time.

Note, your booking is not confirmed until you receive the approved email notification, and will also show up in the room availability calendar.

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