How do I use the ConCap Studio123 (LIB123)?

Studio123 in the ConCap Centre is optimized for Audio and Video recording. The systems have be designed for ease of use, please do not unplug or otherwise tamper with any of the equipment in the studio. The room has blackout blinds that control external light, acoustic treatments to enhance sound quality, specialized LED lights for filming, and professional quality video and audio equipment. It is not intended to be used as a study room and has a strict No Food, No Drink policy.

The computer is equipped with three specialized applications to make capturing media simple for all skill levels:

Audacity (Audio)
Records high quality audio using the USB microphone mounted to the boom arm on the desk.
How to use Audacity 

Media Express (Video)
Uses a professional video camera and microphone to record movies with a single click.
How to use Media Express 

Mediasite Desktop Recorder (Screen & Webcam)
Allows user to simultaneously record video from the webcam, audio from the USB microphone and the desktop of the computer.
How to use Mediasite Desktop Recorder 

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