What is a new employee IT orientation all about?

 The following article information outlines what new staff can expect when a technician completes an IT client orientation with them.


Upon arriving to work at UBCO, full time, permanent staff and faculty can expect to have an IT supplied computer assigned and setup for their new position.    

Sessional faculty and auxiliary staff may expect their department administrator to have organized the installation of an IT supplied loaner computer for the duration of their employment term. 

The computer will generally be installed before a new employee's start date. When an IT technician arrives to complete an IT orientation it is an opportunity for both parties to discuss what services are offered by UBCO IT, Media & Classroom Services.

When a technician installs a new employee computer he/she may go over any or all of the following topics.

Customer Service Escalation

  1. Erin Trifunov - Coordinator, Client Services
  2. Andy Fehr - Team Lead, Service Desk
  3. Anthony Knezevic - Associate Director, IT Service Delivery

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