iPad Lockable Cases

Several departments on campus are using iPads as check-in kiosks or to access digital forms as we move away from paper based information.

The following is information on recommended cases for these tablets to ensure the devices are secure. We have found that most products from Maclocks will work well.

Make sure the case will fit the model of iPad you have before purchasing it. You can purchase apple accessories including iPads with the education discount directly from Apple by using your university email on this site: https://www.apple.com/ca_edu_93120/store 

 Hard case with universal cable lock

This allows the device to be unlocked and brought back to an office for charging at night. It also allows users to hold the ipad in their hands. 




iPad Lock and Security Case Bundle 2.0

iPad Security Case 2.0 is made of light-weight aluminum, includes a concealed lock slot and a quality cable lock to secure the iPad. On the back of the case is a kickstand leg that enables both horizontal and portrait iPad display.


Wall Mounted Case

Academic advising has purchased a wall mounted enclosure that will be more permanent, and will have access to power. 




iPad Wall Mount Enclosure - Space collection By Maclocks

- High-Grade Aluminum Enclosure - Conceals charging cable- Quick Lock and Unlock Keyed Lock - 100mm x 100mm VESA Pattern - Compatible with our Security Cable Locks. We also bought the extended 6ft cable for easier charging.


Contact Facilities to have the case mounted as needed. Contact IT using the Self-Service Portal for recommendations on setting up your iPad (e.g. restrict access to wifi, create homepage set up, etc).

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