How to set up UBC student email?

Setting up the UBC Student Email (Outlook Web App)

  1. Go to and log in with your CWL credentials.

  2. Once logged in, navigate to Activate Student Email tab on the left-hand send for desktop or under the drop-down menu for mobile devices.

  3. If your email is Not Activated, then you will be prompted to accept some Terms and Conditions from UBC.
  4. After activating your email, you will see the Date of Activation and your Student Email listed on the page.
  5. Note - Once your email is activated, you still won't be able to use all the services offered by it for at most 48 hours after activation.
  6. UBC Student email is also linked with your Microsoft Account. You can also access your email services using the Webmail service, which can be accessed from here
  7. If you want to set up your UBC Student email on your device, then you can find more specific information here:

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