How to Submit an IT Equipment Quote or Purchase Request using the UBC Self-Service Portal

On November 2, 2020, UBC IT Okanagan moved to the UBC Self-Service Portal along with the Integrated Services Centre after the launch of Workday. This makes it easier for staff and faculty in the Okanagan, and across UBC, to access a variety of UBC support services from a single website:

Watch this video to learn how to submit a ticket using the Self-Service Portal
  1. Log in to the UBC self-service portal using your CWL ID and password at  -

  2. Click on "Request a Service".

  3. From the left side menu bar, select "Hardware, Software & Desktop Support". The select either:
    1. "Order New Hardware" for IT equipment Quote or Purchase Request (or a consultation)
      1. Please describe the equipment needed and the functions related to the equipment needs in the "Detailed Description" section of the ticket form (e.g. laptop / desktop computer with ability to  use CAD software).
    2. "Order New Software" for software Quote or Purchase Request (or a consultation) 
      1. Please note that software requests that collect any Personal Information [PI] must complete a Privacy Impact Assessment [PIA] before they can be used CLICK HERE for more details on this process)

For more details on using the Self-Service Portal please go HERE.

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