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What is Campus Wide Licensed Software?

Campus Wide licensed software is software that can be installed at no-cost on UBC provided equipment; However, each piece of software may have a different installation procedure. Some pieces of software (if the license permits it) can be installed on personal machines as well, though would not receive direct support from IT.


How do I do this?

Visit the UBC Kivuto On The Hub at: . Based on your affiliation (student, staff, faculty) different software packages will be available to you. This website follows a shopping cart style approach and lets you check out software packages.



Why is the piece of software I'm looking for not in the list?

Unfortunately not every piece of Campus software is available on personal devices. Each piece of software has its own license agreement.




SCCM based workstation

If you recently (post March 1st 2020) received a machine from IT or had your machine in for a retemplate. To access Campus Wide Software on this type of machine. Click the start menu and type in  Software Center  (or look in the start menu for  Software Center

Note: If you are off campus you will need to VPN in first to do the software installs. This may make the process take additional time.

How do I do this?

Click the spotlight in the top right corner of your screen (the picture of the little magnifying glass) and type in  Self Service . Or go to the  Applications menu in Finder and look for  Self Service.



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