Wireless Presentation using AirMedia

Using AirMedia to present wirelessly from a device at UBCO


1.) Your device must be connected to ubcsecure to present wirelessly.

2.) The room needs to have an AirMedia device. If one is installed the Control Panel will have a button labelled AirMedia on it.

3.) You will need the AirMedia application for your device:

To present:

  1. Connect your device via WiFi to ubcsecure using your CWL credentials.
  2. Open the Crestron AirMedia application:
  3. Once the app opens it will have a place to type in the AirMedia devices IP Address. (it may display an IP address already if it has connected to an AirMedia device already)
  4. Type the IP Address for the AirMedia device you are trying to connect to. It will be shown on the room's screen in the room once AirMedia has been selected as the source or on the touchpanel if available.


Remember to stop presenting once you are finished so you are not presenting while not in the room!

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