How to book departmental meeting rooms using Outlook

NOTE: The availability of meeting rooms on campus has been limited as part of the university’s response to COVID-19. For available meeting rooms, visit

Follow these instructions to book departmental meeting rooms at the UBC Okanagan Campus using Outlook.


Determine if the requester is a UBC Faculty & Staff. If so, they are classified as Administrative. Administrative users are:

  • Departments/ units supported by the university and supported by finances, time, and professional skills who are acting in the capacity as an employee conducting university mandated business.

Examples of Administrative user bookings include space for:

  • Staff meetings (video conference, teleconference)
  • UBC training workshops
  • Research presentations 

Department room managers reserve the right to bump any user group in their respective space if necessary. Non-departmental, commercial and external groups need to contact the Central Booking Office and may have applicable charges.


To book a meeting room for departmental use, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new meeting.
  2. Enter the subject and start time/end time.
  3. Switch to scheduling assistant.
  4. Select a room.
  5. Find an available time.


1 - From the Inbox, select New Items > Meeting or in the Calendar, select New Meeting. You also can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Q to create a new meeting request.


Add Meeting


2 - In the Subject field, enter a description of the meeting. For some rooms, anyone can see the meeting subject. Do not type anything in the Subject field that should not be displayed.


Meeting Subject and Time


Select the desired start and end time. This can be changed after selecting a room depending on availability.

3 - Switch to scheduling assistant to add attendees and rooms.

4 - Add a room to the meeting in one of the following ways:

  • From the Appointment screen, click on the Rooms button.
  • From the Scheduling Assistant, click Add Rooms button in the lower left corner.
  • From the Show a room list drop-down to pick from a list of buildings.

To book a specific room, click the Add Room button and search for “UBCO” to filter the list to UBC Okanagan. You can also find available rooms by using the "Advanced Find" and enter the building in the Office field. Example "EME" will show available rooms in the EME building.


Add meeting Room


5 - Find available room times in one of the following ways:

  • Using the Calendar view on the Scheduling Assistant screen.
  • View the Suggested Times under the room finder pane.

When you're done setting up your meeting, switch back to the Appointment View and click Send.

You will receive a confirmation email with one of the following:

  1. Approved
  2. Tentative - A manual approval is required. Once approved, you will receive either a denied or approved email confirmation.
  3. Denied - The request is denied, and needs to be booked by phone or find an alternative time.

Note, your booking is not confirmed until you receive the approved email notification, and will also show up in the room availability calendar.

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