How do I troubleshoot synchronization issues with Workspace 2.0?

You can use the following steps to troubleshoot synchronization issues with the client version of  Workspace 2.0.

Process Details:

Right click the icon for the Airwatch Content Locker sync client.

Click the settings option on the right click menu.

Try the sync now button. Check the sync status field for possible clues.

If there is still a sync issue, select the operations tab. The operations tab should show logs of every operation that the client has attempted. By finding specific files that the sync has failed with, you can check those specific files for issues, or remove them and let the rest of the sync continue.

Common issues with specific files include files that are encrypted, corrupted, or have expired share rights from another user.


Escalation Path:

Perry Jones at the Service Desk can attempt low level troubleshooting (checking for which files are at issue and if it is a common reason for issues.)

Official support is through Vancouver IT Service Desk.

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