How do I troubleshoot access issues in Workspace 2.0?

This article will give you steps to troubleshoot the most common access issue for Workspace 2.0.

Process Details:

The most common access issue in Workspace 2.0 involves the sync client kicking the user to a sign in screen with the message "Password Expired." Despite appearances this has nothing to do with your Workspace password, and in most cases you can log back in without issue, only to be kicked back out shortly.

The issue is occurring because Workspace is trying to sync a file which is not allowing it access. This generally happens if a file has a secondary encryption on it, or if the file properties have been corrupted.  The fix is to remove the affected file or files using the Workspace web client at

In order to determine which files are encountering issues, go into the settings section of Airwatch Content Locker Sync (the easy way is to right click on the Airwatch Content locker icon on the taskbar, and choose settings.)

Once in settings, choose the operations tab. You should see a complete list of the files Airwatch has attempted to sync, with a note next to each that it succeeded, failed, or password expired. 

Remove the password expired files from the web client and attempt to sync again. This should result in either a successful sync, or revealing further "password expired" files.

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For low level troubleshooting or to get assistance in following this procedure contact Perry Jones at the UBCO IT Service Desk

For continued issues or other troubleshooting of Workspace issues, contact the UBC IT Service Desk at 604-822-2008.

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