What is the process for replacing Xerox Copier Staples?

The following article describes how a user of the campus Pay for Print system can obtain staple replacements for a Xerox copier.


  1. Client should submit a ticket via the IT Services work request system. https://helpdesk.ok.ubc.ca requesting replacement staple cartridges.
    1. Be sure to include the Xerox model and printer P number.
  2. The Service Desk technicians will fill the order and the user can pick up the cartridges at the Service Desk window.

    Copier Model #Staple Replacement Part
    Phaser 3635 108R823
    WorkCentre 4150 008R12941 Refill only
    WorkCentre 5655 108R00493
    WorkCentre 5740 108R00493
    WorkCentre 5755 108R00493
    WorkCentre 6400 008R12941
    WorkCentre 7132 008R12915 Refills only (Cartridge Housing is a static finisher part)
    WorkCentre 7428 008R12941
    WorkCentre 7545 008R12941
    ColorQube 9203 008R12941d
    008R12964 - Refill and cartridge
    ColorQube 9303 008R12941
    008R12964 - Refill and cartridge
  3. As this is a Pay for Print system consumable IT Services orders and pays for Xerox staple refills.
    1. Ordering source is DMS@xerox.com, accompanied with a serial number, speed chart and ship to information. The DMS mailbox is monitored by the Vancouver UBC XGS team and will be able to answer questions regarding cost and will ensure that we are charged the discounted prices.  
For more information or assistance, please contact the ITServices Helpdesk - 250.807.9000 or 855.807.9001.
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