How Do I install the Haptic Arm -- Claytools package?

In the STAR lab there is a haptic feedback arm/pen unit hooked up to one of the machines. This ties in with the Geomagic Claytools software suite.

In order to install drivers for the Haptic arm, you will need to install the Geomagic Touch Device Drivers. This can be found on at:

\\n13\sirvol\itservices\installs\pc\geomagic\claytools\geomagic touch device drivers\

Once the software is installed, you can configure the device using the configuration tools. The device talks to the computer VIA a network adapter dongle.

The Device Driver software will automagically detect the dongle and it will display the haptic device there. There is a diagnostic and test option that you can use to ensure that the arm is communicating with the computer properly.

The arm will not provide haptic feedback until Claytools is installed.

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