How to Fix: "Server Login: Local Computer" error on SPSS 28/29 MacOS

ERROR: SPSS will launch to a "Server Login" screen but clicking OK will cause nothing to happen. The user is unable to properly launch the software and is essentially stuck in this screen.

FIX 1:

  1. Close all instances of SPSS using Activity Monitor.
  2. Download the modified file from IBM here.
  3. Navigate to "/Applications/IBM SPSS Statistics/SPSS". You can do this by opening your Applications folder, opening the IBM SPSS Statistics folder, right-clicking on SPSS Statistics, clicking "Show Package Contents", opening the Contents folder, then opening the lib folder.
  4. Copy the libplatdeb.dylib file you downloaded in step 1 to this folder, replacing the existing file, when prompted.
  5. Open SPSS again.

ERORR: If the issue persists, or there is no lib folder to place the modified file in, you will need to reset the licensing information for this installation of SPSS.

FIX 2:

  1. Close all instances of SPSS using Activity Monitor.
  2. Delete the following file : from user/library/preferences. You can navigate to the /Library folder by opening Go > Go To Folder while on Finder and then typing ~/Library in the input field and clicking Go.
  3. Launch Activity Monitor (in Applications/Utilities) and search for a process called CFPREFSD. Force Quit the process.
  4. Follow FIX 1 steps.
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