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Intention of this article is to inform UBC students on the use and application of the UBC email systems.  Email services at UBC are segmented into two unique offerings: 1) Student and Alumni service and 2) Faculty/Staff (FASmail) service.

Please note as of April 31st, 2023 a policy change was made to align with UBC and Microsoft vendor licensing.  This requirement is that only employees of UBC have access to the UBC FASmail system.  Access to the UBC student email system does not fall under this policy and is separate from the UBC Faculty and Staff email service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What is the UBC Student and Alumni email service?

All active and registered students are eligible to sign up for a <CWLusername>@student.ubc.ca email accountThis account will also grant you access to a range of UBC services including Microsoft Teams and OneDrive Student email is accessible at webmail.students.ubc.ca.  The students must use their CWL and ".stu" to log in (i.e. CWL.stu).

After graduation, student emails are converted to <CWLusername>@alumni.ubc.ca.  Access to Teams and OneDrive is revoked after graduation.  

For more information about the Student and Alumni email service click here

2. What is the Faculty and Staff email (FASmail) service?

The UBC Faculty & Staff Email (FASmail) service is an enterprise email service for eligible staff, faculty and student employees of the University of British Columbia.  Employee email is accessible at webmail.ubc.ca.  The employee's CWL is required to log in.

For more information about the FASmail service click here

3.  I am both an UBC student and an UBC employee.  Which service should I be using?

For your UBC student email needs you should either use the provided UBC Student email or your own personal email. Your UBC student email will be transitioned into Alumni email and available to you after you have graduated.

Note, you can use the UBC email service to forward all correspondence to your own personal email service of choice.  See above page for more information.

For your UBC employee email needs, the FASmail service should be used. Your student email should never be used for UBC work related communication. Security and privacy standards do not permit the systems to be linked.

As a student, use the student email resources.  As an employee, use the employee email services.

4.  How do I set up my UBC student email?

UBC student email is not automatic; students must request that their student email is enabled 

For setup of the UBC Student Email click here

5.  How do I access my UBC student email?

UBC student email is limited to the webmail version only which is accessible here:  webmail.student.ubc.ca

 6.  I am working with a PI, sponsor, or other UBC employee and require access to an email resource.  How do we request access?

Your sponsor/supervisor must request access for you in the UBC Self Service Portal under Request a Service -> Accounts and Access -> Request Access to an IT Service 

 7.  My employee appointment is about to end but I still require access to FASmail resources.  What can be done?

The HR Workday system controls access to FASmail and other IT accounts.  In advance of your appointment end date, your sponsor/supervisor can request that your department administrator or HR hiring advisor complete a manual Workday termination to apply a grace period which can extend your access for a defined period of time.

8.  How can I move all my emails from FASmail to another email account?

UBC Okanagan IT is unable to move emails on your behalf. 

To forward emails to the new email address:

  • In the Microsoft Outlook desktop, select all emails that are to be moved and use the key combination of Ctrl + F.  A new email will be created with the selected files as an attachmen
  • In the FASmail webmail (webmail.ubc.ca), create a new email then drag and drop messages that are to be forwarded. 

9.  How can I move meetings to another calendar?

UBC Okanagan IT is unable to move meetings on your behalf. 

To forward meetings to a new calendar:

  • forward each meeting to your new email address or,
  • create new meetings in your new calendar

10.  I have used my FASmail in UBC enterprise applications, how do I update them?

 Zoom       Changing the email associated with your account – Zoom Support

Canvas    How do I change my default email address in my use... - Instructure Community (canvaslms.com)

Teams     Request access to relevant Teams with your UBC @student email


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