How to troubleshoot: Network Adapter disabled on Library Loaner Laptops (i.e. no wireless networks available)

Note: This guide is intended to be used by Library staff as the Ethernet cable that connects the laptops to the LAN is located at the Library Service Desk. However, if you are a student who borrowed a laptop and are experiencing this issue, I would still recommend trying the steps that do not involve the usage of the Ethernet cable to troubleshoot this issue.

The Issue: Sometimes the Network Adapter becomes disabled and cannot be manually enabled as that would require the admin password. When this is happening, the user will not be able to connect to any wireless networks (ubcsecure, etc.). The cause of this issue is yet to be discerned. 



  1. First, connect the laptop to the LAN with the green Ethernet cable at the consultation desk. Wait for the brief Command Prompt popups to show up and for the laptop to be connected to the Ethernet.
  2. If the wireless networks are still not available to connect to, disconnect the Ethernet and open the Network settings. You should see this screen 
  3. On the page that says "Select the network adapter to diagnose," select Wi-Fi and run the troubleshooter. 
  4. On the next page, select "Show me a list of available networks," after which you should be able to connect to the wireless networks.
  5. If this still does not work and the wireless networks are still unavailable, connect the laptop to the LAN with the ethernet cable and go to the Start Menu, click Power, and then Shut Down. 
  6. After the computer has shut down, turn it back on (with the ethernet cable still connected) and see if the wireless networks are available to connect to.
  7. If, after trying these steps, the network adapter is still disabled, contact IT.




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