How To Fix: CWL Password Not Working

When trying to log into UBC services such as PayForPrint, SAMail, and campus workstations, users may not be able to log in using their CWL username and password. This is often due to the fact that UBC requires one to change their password at least once a year (even for new students) and trying to log in to certain services will result in a message saying that your password is invalid. To troubleshoot this, please follow the steps:


  1. Log into using your CWL username and password (no need to put .stu after username). If you are still unable to log in with your CWL, it is likely you are simply not using the correct password and you should click the "Forgot CWL Password?" link at the bottom to reset your password. 
  2. Once logged into MyAccount, check the "View/Update Login Details" tab (the first one) and check if there's a yellow banner at the top either saying "Password Reset Required" or "Terms of Service Agreement Expired." Either of these issues will prevent you from logging into certain UBC services. 
  3. Follow the steps to change your password. Note that your new password cannot be the same as the old one. This will change your CWL password for all UBC services including your student email, so ensure you make note of it and save it.
  4. Try to log into what you were trying to log into before and see if you are able to do so. If you are still unable to log in, please email
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