UBC Okanagan Printing

This article provides details about UBCO's Network Printers as well as documentation on how to install various printers around campus and how to access support if required.

UBCO Faculty and Staff (FAS) FindMe Printers

These printers are the UBC Fleet printers found in printer rooms/hallways around campus. Installing this printer queues onto your computer will allow you to walk up to any UBC Fleet Printer and release your job via tap-to-release

UBCO Faculty and Staff (FAS) Convenience Printer

These printers are not part of the UBC Fleet and are typically found in private spaces or labs. These printers require special access and are restricted to only those with access.

How do I Install Printers?

    MacOS: I have a UBC Managed Apple computer and I would like to install printers.
    Windows (EAD/CWL): I have a UBC Managed Windows computer and would like to install printers.
  • Example of EAD (CWL) Login:

    Web Print: I do not have a UBC Managed computer and would like to print.


Still not able to print? Are you on VPN?

To print at UBCO, if you're connected to the VPN you need to ensure you're connected to the Okanagan VPN, not the general UBC VPN:


If you want to make this VPN your default, view THIS ARTICLE for instructions on how to do this.

How do I get Support?

If you are having issues installing UBCO Network Printers, you can get support in two ways:

  Contact the UBCO Service Desk - 250-807-9000

  Submit a request through ServiceNow

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