Windows - How do Install UBC Network Printers?


To install and use UBC Network Printers, you must be using a computer that is:

  • Running Windows 10+
  • Supported by ITServices [has an Asset or Service tag]
  • Have a valid CWL and active accounts
  • Connected to the campus wired or wireless network

UBCO FAS FindMe Printers

This printer queues are automatically installed via policy to your computer.

If your computer has been off-campus and/or not connected to the UBC Network for some time, it's possible this printer won't appear.
  • To get the printer to appear, you will need to restart your computer and ensure you are connected to the UBC Network either via Wireless or Wired connection.
  • Once connected wired/wirelessly, you can login to your computer normally
  • It will take up to 60 minutes for the policy to be pushed to your device.
    • If the printer has not appeared after 60 minutes, please contact the Service Desk at 250-807-9000 (79000)


UBCO FAS Convenience Printer

The Convenience printers can be installed using Software Center. Within Software Center, you can install the UBCO FAS Convenience Printer bundle:

To Launch Software Center - Click Start, Search for "Software Center" and Launch the Software Center Application


When the Installer is run, it will take a few minutes the first time as new drivers will be installed on your system.




Once the installation is finished, you will be prompted with the following:

  • Enter the exact name of the printer you wish to install (the printer will have a label if you are unsure)
  • The printer will begin installing and you will get the following message when complete:

Things to note if you are running into issues:

The following error indicates you are not authenticated to the network, please restart your computer and ensure you are connected to the UBC wired/wireless network.


If there are no available drivers for your convenience printer, you will be notified. Please submit a ticket via ServiceNow and this can be looked into. 

If you don't enter a printer name when installing a convenience printer, you will be prompted and you will need to re-launch the installer and try again. 

If you enter the printer name incorrectly, you will be prompted and will need to re-launch the installer and try again using the correct printer name:


For more information or assistance, please contact the ITServices Helpdesk - 250.807.9000 or 855.807.9001.
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