How to connect to ubcsecure on Chromebook


  • Go to and navigate to Autoconnect 
  • The website will auto detect the device you used to the enter it and will give relevant options 
  • For Chromebooks you will have to install the ONC file and navigate to chrome://net-internals/#chromeos where it will ask to choose the ONC file you just installed 
  • After you uploaded the ONC file, it should configure the device for ubcsecure or other secured network 
  • If no error shows up during the configuration, then search for ubcsecure or the network you want to connect in the list of wifi and proceed with the CWL credentials: cwl_username.stu and cwl_password 


  • Many times after uploading the ONC file you are still not able to connect to ubcsecure, this could be due some system update or faulty Root certificates 
  • Before installing the Root certificates make sure your system is up-to-date 
  • Then go to follow the same steps as mentioned above and when on the page for Chrome OS setup scroll down and click on “Show all operating system” 
  • Then navigate to “Other operating systems” and click on “Install The CA certificate”, this will download the Root Certificate required for ubcsecure or other secured network 
  • Then navigate to “Settings” in the chrome browser and use the “Search” bar to search the term “Certificate” 
  • Select “Manage Certificates” from the search results. Under Manage Certificate select “Authorities” tab and click “Import” 
  • Locate the Root certificate that you just downloaded and click “Open” 
  • After that try to connect to the secured network using your CWL credentials again in the format mentioned above 
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