How to remove stuck print jobs

Locating the printer with the issue (if applicable):

  • Start by logging into one of the workstations and search for “Printer & Scanners
  • Navigate to the printer: Student-FindMe-BW or Student-FindMe-Color, and click on it to select “Open Queue”
  • If the printer is not visible, then click “Add a printer or a scanner” and add it manually
  • After the queue is open you will see documents that are on the server for the printer
  • If there is print job with status “printing” or sometimes “paused” and is not letting other documents to get through, then that print job is the culprit

Removing the faulty print job:

  • If the job is stuck for a long period of time then go the dedicated printers associated to Student-FindMe-BW or Student-FindMe-Color to manually remove the job
  • Generally, if there is faulty print job then the respective printer will show the status of “Printing” when clicked on “Check Status” on the printer
  • When you have confirmed that press the “Home” icon on the printer screen and then select “Printer
  • A new page will open which will show the current job for that printer, select that job and select “View Details
  • After that you will be given the option to “Delete” the print job click on that and it will remove the latest job
  • Wait for few seconds and make sure the printer is taking the newer jobs without any issue
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