How to Submit an IT Equipment Consult or Purchase Request using the UBC Self-Service Portal

On November 2, 2020, UBC IT Okanagan moved to the UBC Self-Service Portal along with the Integrated Services Centre after the launch of Workday. This makes it easier for staff and faculty in the Okanagan, and across UBC, to access a variety of UBC support services from a single website:

Did you know you can order computer equipment directly from Workday? View How to Order Computer Equipment in Workday  for detailed instructions and more information. 

  1.  Log in to the UBC self-service portal using your CWL ID and password at  -

  2. Click on "Request a Service".

  3. From the left side menu bar, select "Hardware, Software & Desktop Support". The select either:
    1. "Order New Hardware" for IT equipment Quote or Purchase Request (or a consultation)
      1. Please describe the equipment needed and the functions related to the equipment needs in the "Detailed Description" section of the ticket form (e.g. laptop / desktop computer with ability to  use CAD software).
    2. "Order New Software" for software Quote or Purchase Request (or a consultation) 
      1. Please note that software requests that collect any Personal Information [PI] must complete a Privacy Impact Assessment [PIA] before they can be used CLICK HERE for more details on this process)

Watch this video to learn how to submit a ticket using the Self-Service Portal
For more details on using the Self-Service Portal please go HERE.
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