Workday Hire Overview With IT Accounts

This document is intended as informational only and may not reflect the true environment in 100% detail.  Updates and changes happen all the time so this information is as of end of April 2021.

UBC Employee Onboarding with Workday and IT Account Integration

The Workday hire process and IT Accounts are tied together in many ways.  In order to reduce any complications and provide a smooth onboarding experience for a new hire there are a number of steps that can be taken and reviewed. This is a high level explanation of steps taken with some tips and tricks to make the IT Account portion for a new hire smoother.

For details on the hiring process in Workday and known CWL and FASmail creation delays please read this memo from HR, IRP and UBCO IT first. 
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Once the hire process (click this link to access a guide to the Workday hiring process) is completed in Workday, it triggers the creation of the CWL first, then the UBC email address. This is an automated process and users can expect to see an email prompting them to activate their CWL within 5 days of their hire being completed in Workday. Once the new hire completes the CWL creation process it can take up to 72 hours to activate the CWL and UBC email accounts.

Note, during popular hiring periods (e.g. before the start of term) there may be longer delays in the creation of CWL and UBC FASmail accounts. If the employee is not given a CWL account or UBC FASmail please contact your HR rep to re-issue this step in Workday.

Note that the following steps must be completed before the employee is sent the email to create their CWL and FASmail accounts:

  1. DeDupe Tool - to prevent duplicate identities being created within the UBC ecosystem (requires VPN connection)
  2. Review / Approve Direct Hire
  3. Add Academic Appointment (if required - for Faculty / Teaching appointments only)
  4. Onboarding Set-up 

Onboarding Scenarios to Note

If you encounter issues with any hiring scenario detailed below, please submit a ticket to the UBC Self-Service Portal for help: 

  1. Go to the UBC Self-Service Portal 

  2. Select "Request a Service"

  3. Select "Submit a General Service Request"

Staff/Faculty Hire

  • Brand new to UBC hire, no previous affiliation to UBC in any way. (i.e. no previous CWL: never a student, no guest CWL or basic CWL signup completed before as guest, contractor etc.)
    • This hire should be fine, as long as the external email address is entered correctly (no typos or errors) in the Workday hire process and the new hire completes the CWL Simple Sign Up process correctly and within 72 hrs.
    • The Workday hire process will fail if the external email address entered in the hire process in Workday has been used at UBC previously. The CWL simple sign up email will not be sent out to the new hire because the system will think the person already exists and does not need another CWL created.

  • New hire but previous affiliation to UBC (i.e. the new hire has had a CWL account created in the past).
    • If a new external email is used in the Workday hire process, then a brand new CWL account will be generated and everything should work.
    • If the email used for the creation of the previous CWL account is used again for the Workday hire process, then the system will not send out the CWL onboarding email and the IT accounts will not be created. At this point, if there is no previous employee ID in the system for the new hire it becomes a manual process to create all the required IT accounts. 

  • New hire at UBCO in a department/unit/faculty that reports to UBCV (parent department is in Vancouver; e.g. School of Engineering)
    • The system will generate the CWL email for the new hire as normal. However, AccessUBC may not automatically create the FASmail account for the new hire because not all departments in UBCV have FASmail accounts created automatically.
      • Note: All new hires within UBCO departments with reporting lines to the DVC are set to automatically have FASmail accounts created for all new valid employees hired within the Workday hire process.

Student Hires

  • Student was previously hired (e.g. in HRMS) and has an employee ID already attached to their CWL account
    • This should work with no issues. You can complete an Okanagan Employee IT Onboarding form in the UBC Self-Service Portal for Novell and other IT account access if needed.

  • Student has never been an UBC employee (e.g. prior to Workday) (i.e. the do NOT have an employee ID attached to their student CWL)
    • Due to their existing CWL account, Workday is not currently able to tie an employee CWL ID (empID) to their existing student CWL account. 
    • Previously students were able to self-affiliate their empID to their CWL via site
    • This requires a manual process by IT. Multiple student hires à ticket to IT.  One offs student can contact SD.

Tips for Easier Hires in Workday

  • If your new hire is known find out if they had an existing CWL account with UBC.  If you refer somebody to the recruitment page highlight the fact that during the recruitment phase a CWL account can be entered if known.
  • Both the external email address and the Dedupe Identity items in the Workday hire process are very important to the IT account creation.  The external email address is used to send the new hire the initial Workday sign in information as well as the CWL Simple Sign Up email (new hire only).
    CWL Simple Sign Up info -
    Workday Dedupe -

At the time of this writing the external email address is not mandatory and if missed during the Workday hire will cause a number of issues.  Although, this field in Workday cannot be made mandatory there is a work around being developed to ensure that this field is not missed during the WD hire process.

Currently there is no EarlyID process in Workday.  We believe this is being looked into but if your department used this method a lot you should be relaying that information back to the Workday teams.  Please do not create a "basic" CWL or "guest" CWL to get around the Workday hire.  This will generally break the automation process in the Workday Hire and your new employee will not be onboarded with IT accounts smoothly.

Known Issues around External email:

  • External email not used.  No emails will get sent to new hire.  This means the new hire will not receive information to log into Workday, nor will they receive the CWL SSUP email to create their CWL account.  IT cannot help at this stage as the CWL account hasn't been fully created.  We are looking into the best team to approach in this situation.
  • External email was previously used to create a CWL account.  This could have been used for a basic/guest CWL creation, or a previous unknown appointment.  The Workday email will get sent to the user but the CWL account process does not complete.  In this situation as the CWL account already existed the new hire identity does not get tied to existing account.   Create a ticket for IT as UBCIT will need to merge the accounts together.
  • External account used properly but new hire says they didn't receive.  The CWL sign up email can go into new hire's junk/spam mail folder.  Have the user check there.  Also, the CWL SSUP email link only lasts 72 hours.  If the new hire is still having issues have them call our service desk at 250-807-9000 or submit a request on their behalf for IT to help troubleshoot. 

Known Issues around Workday Dedupe process:

  • New hire has an existing CWL account but hiring admin does not select identity in this step.  The system will create a second identity and IT will need to merge the accounts together.  Create a ticket for this to happen.  This is the top issue currently occurring with student hires.  The hiring admin must know the existing CWL account to avoid issues.
  • Existing hire has multiple CWL's and incorrect one is selected in Dedupe phase.  EmpID gets tied to CWL that wasn't the primary.   Employee can still use CWL account that has empID attached for all functions.  Can contact IT to have CWL's merged together into a single account with username preferred.
  • To note the current WD dedupe process does not recognize identity's from basic or guest CWL accounts, only employee and student CWL accounts will show in this process.
  • Student Employee hires.  Unless the student had a previous existing employment prior to Workday the current system is not automatically affiliating the employee ID to the students CWL account.  The only way to fix this is to have the student call our service desk at 250-807-9000 or submit a bulk ticket request with all of your student hires for verification.  This is now a known issue with Workday and resolutions are currently being looked into to resolve.

Workday Hire Completes What is the Next Step of Onboarding with IT?

Submit a ticket with UBCO IT:

Okanagan Onboarding Requests 


Trouble Shooting IT Account Related Issues

User reports that they cannot log into FASmail, Canvas, Workday or other CWL authenticated systems.

  1. Verify correct CWL is being used and that they can log into
  2. If that works test that the user can log into FASmail at with the same account infomation used on myAccount.  If the user can log in here it means that they are using an employee enabled CWL account and the CWL account works.  If the user is unable to log into FASmail it could mean that the employee onboarding has not finished (24-48 hours from Workday hire process completion), or that the employee ID did not get tied to the CWL account (most common for student hires).  Have user call the IT Service Desk at 250-807-9000 or submit a ticket in IT ticketing system -
  3. Access to FASmail, Canvas, and Workday all require that the employee ID be tied to the CWL account, among other identity ID's.  For any issues on the CWL onboarding have user call the IT Service Desk at 250-807-9000 or submit a ticket in IT ticketing system -
  4. Faculty/TA has issue with Zoom within Canvas.  The mail email alias for Zoom must match what is used in Canvas.  Canvas allows any email address to be used.  Zoom requires a particular sign up email of, and
UBCO IT Onboarding: Administrators looking to set-up IT services for individuals that are new to UBC or new to the department, can use the Okanagan - Employee IT Onboarding form in the UBC Self-Service Portal

NOTE: The form cannot be submitted until the new employee has been processed through Workday and they have completed the Simplified CWL sign up process sent to them by HR AND have a UBC FASmail account.
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