How to Request Zoom Accounts for TA and Paid Students

UBC has a campus-wide license for Zoom as a platform for delivering courses online and larger meetings. Zoom is an easy-to-use video conferencing platform that offers a wide range of features. For more information on the service, please visit:

Zoom Eligibility

Zoom is available to all UBC Employees (faculty, staff, and paid students), for meeting and collaboration purposes, as well as for live online classes of up to 250 attendees. To meet the eligibility requirements, the meeting host must have the following:

Link Employee ID to CWL

Before Student Employees and Teaching assistants can request a Zoom account,  they need to ensure that their Employee ID is affiliated with their CWL identity and they have created a FASmail alias  by following the steps outlined in How To Create Accounts for Student Employees and Teaching Assistants.

Zoom Account Creation

After the FASmail account is created, complete the following steps to request a Zoom account:

  1. Complete the Submit a General Service Request form 
  2. Choose Campus: UBC Okanagan 
  3. Enter Detailed Description: Zoom Account Request 
    • Be sure to include your First Name, Last Name and Email (ex.
    • If you a just recently created your alias, please say you've just created the alias so that AV knows to wait for the alias to enable before activating your Zoom account

New to UBC - Okanagan Employee IT Onboarding

Administrators looking to set-up additional IT services for individuals that are new to UBC can use the Okanagan Employee IT Onboardingticket form, a one-stop form with the ability to request accounts, phone service, and IT equipment. 

  1. Log into the UBC Self Service Portal -  
  2. Click on Request a Service -> Accounts & Access 
  3. Click on Okanagan - Employee IT Onboarding 
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