I have an employee that is leaving the university. How do I ensure that all accounts and services are discontinued or transferred?

Administrators looking to discontinue IT services for individuals that are leaving the university can use the Leaving UBC ticket entry form, a one-stop form with the ability to request deactivation or transfer of accounts, phone service and IT equipment.

Applies to: Contractors / Researchers / Faculty / Staff / Students


Accessing the Form  
  1. Login to the IT Helpdesk system at with your Novell credentials.
    Need help logging in? Click the Help link in the Login box.
  2. Under IT, Media and Classroom Services, click the Leaving UBC link.
    Alternately, you can access the form under Tickets in the left-hand menu.
Leaving UBC
Completing the Form

General Information

  1. Select the Name of the individual leaving the university, indicating if they have Professor Emeritus status.
  2. Indicate that one-over-one approval has been received to deactivate all services.
  3. Specify the termination date, requesting an extension for select services if required.
  4. Indicate if files/email data should be removed, or transferred to another employee.
  5. Specify Contact Phone Number - what number can we call regarding this ticket?

Leaving UBC - General Information

Copy Card Transfer

If the employee is listed as the contact for any copy cards, you will be prompted to indicate if the card should be deactivated, or transferred to another employee.

You also have the option of specifying an alternate speedchart for each copy card.


Leaving UBC - Copy Card Transfer

Billing Contact Transfer

If the employee is listed as the contact for any speedcharts, you will be prompted to indicate who the new billing contact is.

Leaving UBC - Billing Contact Transfer

Phone Services

For each phone number associated with the employee, you will be prompted to indicate if the phone should be disconnected, or changed.

Leaving UBC - Phone Services

IT Equipment

  1. Indicate if the employee has a desktop, laptop or other equipment.
  2. Provide location of desktop computer, if applicable.
    Note that an IT Service Tag No. is required for desktops and/or laptops.
Leaving UBC - IT Equipment

Additional Information

Supply any additional information that wasn't already covered.

Leaving UBC - Additional Information
Submit the Form
  1. Click the button.
    Your ticket will be processed by our staff, and assigned to a technician(s) for completion.

Access the Leaving UBC form

For more information or assistance, please contact the ITServices Helpdesk - 250.807.9000 or 855.807.9001.
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